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Zip up Bodycon dress from Zara

A few months ago I was invited to an awards night.. I have attended the last two years and so glad I was invited for the third year.

Then came the panic mode of "What to wear".

I knew what colour dress I was required to wear which actually really helps and narrows it down.. its just finding THE dress.

I knew I had some statement shoes I purchased from Zara last year that I was dying to wear again so atlas that was sorted.

My go to place for most things is Zara - I just love it there and shock horror this is wear my dress is from!

I picked it up in the shop, walked around looking for other items and a lady stopped and asked me where I got the dress from.. therefore I knew it had to be special..maybe it was a sign.

The dress is a bodycon style, it has a thicker than usual fabric which helps to pull you in slightly and is also extremely expandable.

Its black, Has frill details around the strap and the top of the dress and is finished off with a gorgeous gold zip right down the…