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Mesh dress with a body by H&M - Coachella

I have to put it out there, that recently I am loving H&M... I go though phases and literally at the moment I can't get enough.

Everytime I walk in, I always find something I like, love, need, want and this recent find it a bargain and a massive game changer.

It's such a simple concept, one of which I will be creativity serval looks with. I love items like this as I feel I really get my money's worth.

So this is a bodysuit connected to a mesh/ pretty lace overlay. Sounds simple right? Well it is.... So the choice of bottoms are up to you......

I had this outfit planned for a night in Essex and originally I was going to wear a mini skirt underneath but I didn't feel it was quite right.

Instead I opted for leggings as they seemed a little more glam fashionista which was the look I was actually going for.

I have to say I really loved wearing it as it can be something quite dressy and yet you can really dress it down. I loved the way the leggings gave a silhouette und…

Topshop Madness Boots in black

Ok I have already admitted it on Instagram and I it's officially on my blog... I am obsessed with these boots.

So originally I posted about the white version (I hunted down) then I started dreaming about the black... At the time they had all sold out so I was gutted.. And then they have come back AND there is also a tan version!!

Well I got the black as I am very monochrome obsessed and it was natural to get the boots of my dreams in both colours.

I am still quite shocked that I actually own both considering how difficult it has been to get them.

I adore the fact they are covered in silver studs large and small and have the cutest wrap around buckles which mean they can be be worn with fishnets in cooler weather but also be worn during the summer month, day time, night time, shopping, festivals - you name it you wear it.

That's exactly what I intend to do as they are not cheap but need to be worn at every occasion possible as they are literally the best statement boots about a…

Violet summer mega matte lipstick by Seventeen

Have you ever felt like you just want to break away from the norm and just be different for once?

To be fair I get this feeling quite often with fashion but with beauty I am little more "safe".

When it comes to lipsticks I have 3 choices of colour
1. Nude (is that even a colour??)
2. Red ( mainly for winter evenings out)
3. Pink (mainly for summer nights out)

Well I had a night out in Essex on Saturday and I had chosen my outfit - black on black... Which I knew had to be lifted with either statement shoes OR statement lips!


I went shopping during th day, I needed to pick up some bits from Boots and got side tracked at the Seventeen counter.

One of my fave makeup ranges - great products - love their foundation... Like Love Love it. Can't get enough of their shimmer brick and now their matte lipsticks!

This one is called - Violet summer

When I did a swatch on my hand, the colour was so powerful, so vibrant, so out there ... It was going to be s…

Boohoo fish net tights

So here I am blogging about fish net tights.

They are pretty self explanatory and I am surprised I gave in and purchased a pair.

But I have to say I am extremely pleased that I did.

You see I am going through an "edgy phrase" sounds crazy I know BUT every so often I have this increased urge to be a little like Rhianna - "Good girl gone bad" but when I say this I mean with my choice of clothes.

I like to be all rock n roll and this Defo adds the bad girl to any look.

SOOO many women are wearing these and it's a Great Way to get creative with outfits, dress them up or dress them down the choices are endless.

I wore them shopping with an animal print skirt, biker boots and a Gucci T Shirt. I absolutely loved wearing them and they seriously completed the look.

They are cheap and cheerful however I need to add a slight warning to these:

1. You can't rush and put them on ... They will require some time.

2. Be careful when pulling them up s they can be delicate a…

Silver flat forms from H&M

I have to say I've surprised even myself with this one.

I love all things gold, not brassy gold but light dusky gold and I've been on the hunt for some golf flatforms and I've basically failed BUT on my quest I found the coolest silver ones!

So every cloud really does have a SILVER lining!!!!

These are gorgeous... I'm a huge flatform fan... They are comfy, give you height and really make a statement.

A lot of the fashion houses like Gucci have released flat forms and the high street have followed.

I love the contrast of the white sole and the silver....

The first time I wore them was with this gingham dress and leggings.....a kinda sporty look which I found quite fun and different.

I look forward to also wearing them with skinny jeans and slogan tees or a mini jean skirt and oversized tee.

These have to be the perfect shoes for spring and summer.

Reasonably priced and can be found at H&M.


Gucci logo T Shirt by Gucci

Finally. It's time to tell the story about my Gucci T-Shirt.

Those that love Gucci (like me) will have seen this T-Shirt is their latest advertisements and it has created a "lust have" desire amongst fashionistas and bloggers.

When I first saw it online I thought should I? Should I not? I then opted against it - even though I absolutely LOVED the retro and "used" style and instead treated myself to something else.

A few weeks later it played on my mind so I went back to Gucci website only to see that there was roughly a 3 month wait on arrival of this t-shirt... So again I shyed away.

What happened next??

Well call it luck, fate or pure co-incidence... I was visiting Selfridges and I was only just saying to my mum about the Gucci T-Shirt and the fact the men's version was cheaper than the women's.

So we just casually looked at the t shirts and suddenly there IT WAS! Right before my very eyes. I couldn't believe it. I grabbed it. Wouldn't let it…

Cascading shirt trend - from a Pure Boutique Essex

Whenever I go to different areas I always love to check out the local shops,

A week ago I found myself in Essex to celebrate my nephews birthday and nice that was done I headed to "Queens Road" in Buckhurst Hill.

I have been a few times and I kinda like it.. It has a hand full of boutiques, several coffee shops and restaurants.

I went into a Boutique called "Pure Bputique" And they had quite a few pieces I really fell in love with.

They were very Chanel-esque themed.
But some bits were jumpers with pearls and tweed style jackets which I didn't feel I needed.

Then I came across a rail with 3 shirts. -
Black - I'm not a fan of black shirts unless its for winter time.
White - I already have a white style shirt dress from Zara.
Blue and white striped - this version caught my eye. It looked fresh and predominately blue I could picture it with jeans and white tones.

The collar was sharp, the material was crisp and I loved the fact it cascades.

This sea…

Sally Gingham Cold Shoulder Cotton Top from Boohoo

Glorious gingham.

My favourite print.


The classic gingham print is black and white and as you know....I LOVE black and white soooo much.
Yes, you can resemble your mothers table cloth by wearing gingham but if that is the case then so be it.

I am extremely excited to share this find from Boohoo with you as it has details I am madly in love with.

I have already covered the fact it is "Gingham".

Another reason I love this top is that the sleeves are rouched and have lace tie ups which means you can create bows for each arm.

I love the cold shoulder style AND the top is very floaty and boho chic.

This top will look fabulous on a casual Saturday afternoon  with black skinny jeans and ballerina pumps with Gingham lace up .

OR in the summer it's perfect for a festival with high waisted ripped jean shorts, fish net knee socks and studded boots.

Or wear on a night out with a leather pencil skirt, black killer heels and a red lippie.

Literally the options are endless and th…

Breakfast at Cafe Rouge

It was Sunday morning, the sun was shining and I was feeling as fresh as a daisy... I woke up early and new I had a lot of errands to run.

As I lay in bed and my stomach rumbled, I starting thinking about what's for breakfast? We usually do the weekly shop on a Sunday so the cupboards are bare.

Then it dawned on me - why don't we make a change on a Sunday morning and go for breakfast/ brunch.

We rocked up to Cafe Rouge somewhere I frequently visited a few years back, mainly for a coffee or dinner.

We walked in, it was relatively quiet (10am) and we were seated inside by the window.

The love the decor inside, black and white tiles, wines on display.. Very French.

The waiter gave us the menus and asked if we would like to order a drink. Obviously I opted for a latte.

Then I peered outside and the image of the sunshine and vacant spaces outside made me want to go out and watch the world go by.

So we swiftly moved outside, my latte came shortly after and we ordered.

I went for th…

Black Military Blazer from Miss Selfridge

The military trend is always IN and for that reason this blazer is a must.

Every year Miss Selfridge release the best blazers and the time to get yours is now.

I've played it safe this year (and every year) as I've opted for the classic black - but this particular blazer comes in 4 colours.

Why black?

Firstly it's classic, second it matches everything, third of all it really dramatises the gold button detail AND it's for work so needs to be durable for the London hustle and bustle.

This jacket is just adorable with the double breasted front which actually only does up with one of the buttons.

It's fitted which I really love.. Miss Selfridge always have them fitted which I find adds a more feminine touch to a classic look.

The jacket is fully lined and looks more expensive than what it is.

I am so excited to swap my Barbour for something lighter and smarter for work and what with the sunshine we have already had and a lot more to come it's the perfect addition …

Pearly nude false nails from House of Holland

I have never been one to get false nails, the most I would get are Gels before a long holiday to save me topping up or redoing them whilst abroad.

And actually I had Minx nails... Remember them?? I loved them.

Anyway back to false nails - I look the new pointed shape which is SOOO hot right now and to be honest I am getting bored of playing safe.

I popped to boots and found these gorgeous nails.

They are nude, white and gold! Love, love, love them.

They are expensive but boots currently have them on offer - if you buy one pack you get the second half price which is Defo worth it.

There was a Large selection and I believe that Boots are clearing old stock and making space for the new stock.

This particular style is apart of the new range.

The reason these caught my eyes were the fact they are not all the same design, they are quite classic with a pearl detail (I'm a massive pearl fan) yet they are so funky , so different and definitely not safe!!


I plan to wear this with a m…