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Mom Life - The Style Bubble Handy Tips Handbook months 6 - 9

WOW - I know I say this every-time... but time is flying and Aria is now 9 months!
Its going so quickly I even told two people this week she's 10 months (baby brain)

If you are following me on Instagram/ Twitter you will see how much Aria is growing and I love to do a round up and pass on some tips for all the new mums out there!

So here we go.. hold on tight... heres months 6 - 9:

Its all go go go.....

Just when it all became easier... things start to change again.. now you are more familiar with your baby its starting to get a lot more interesting.. AND fun!

Weaning time:

From 6 months you can start weaning your baby - well you can actually start at 4 months.. but my husband and I waited until 6 months. Its entirely up to you!

For me this process is probably my hardest experience so far. Im not going to lie I have found it scary as your baby is used to milk, its an entirely different ball game.

Introducing different textures/ tastes and water has been a slow process but now we ca…