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Summer shoes..summer fun from Silk Fred

During the summer season I love to own several pairs of summer shoes. I find it so easy to get carried away as there's so much more variety than winter shoes. I love pumps, trainers, sandles and espadrilles as I find them all pretty cheap which means I can mix and match my looks throughout summer for less and wear them this year and buy the latest footwear next year.

After years of battling with my "online shopping" issues I have finally started to enjoy the process and I am trying to vary where I buy from.

My latest purchase is from the wonderful world of Silk Fred. I have followed them on Facebook for at least 2 years and since last year on Instagram, I have loved so many items they have and the prices vary - you can find so much just browsing through and easily start falling in love.

I fell in love with these beauts!

For so long I have wanted shoes that I could wear day time with heels and I have never been happier!

I am mad about lace up shoes in general this year an…

My Must have mini Trunk ❤️

I have never been so excited to share something since I have started blogging and for me this is my ultimate purchase so far.

Introducing my mini "trunk" from Aldo - the minute I laid eyes on this little gem I just knew I had to have it.

It's so cute I literally could not resist! It comes in white and back and all black. I went for white and black as I thought it looked more striking and really adds impact to an outfit. I'm also a huge lover of all things monochrome.

This particular style has been popular amongst Louis Vuitton and Aspinals of London and I knew it was a fashion must have.

I first saw this style in Louis Vuitton and fell in love. I love the fact it's not a regular handbag and has character.

This bag can be used with or without the leather and gold chain strap. It can be worn either as a clutch or a handbag. It has A gold lock and key on the front and studs/ gold edges to replicate the style of a trunk.

My mini trunk had its debut on Saturday night …