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Are you a Mamia Mum?

Have you tried the Mamia range from Aldi?

I have to admit I love an Aldi shop and have previously bought quite a few items from their Special Buys... who doesn't love the middle aisles of magical items?!

Once Aria arrived they were my first choice for nappies for her as they are voted one of the best brands for newborns and not to mention great value!

So when they got in touch and asked me to review their Mamia range I was more than excited! Yes a trip to Aldi without making excuses to my husband.

I was given £30 and I was shocked with how much I could buy! (pictured above was just half of it)
Being a new mum brings all kinds of stresses and you start realising quite quickly that you want the best for your baby but you also need to shop a lot smarter.

The Mamia range offers the core essentials you need for your baby, so I was keen to put it to the test.

Nappies and Nappy sacks

Whilst I had previously used these, I had recently swapped to another supermarket brand due to accessibili…

Mom Life - The Style Bubble baby products I am Loving - 6 months plus

Every so often I love to share what I have found useful.

Why? Because being a mum its hard to know what you need, what you don't need and how much money it all is!
So heres a little insight to what I am loving and I feel has been money well spent:
Matchstick Monkey:
Have you heard of Matchstick monkey? All I can say is move over Sophie the giraffe there is a new animal in town and I love it.. and as you can see so does Aria! I purchased this when Aria was 4 months old and I haven't looked back. It comes in all kinds of colours, its easy for baby to hold and chew/ suck on AND has a bumpy texture behind the monkeys head to help babies with the texture of brushing their teeth. She takes it most places and its easier to sterilise. For me this teething toy is a game changer and I recommend it to everyone with babies!

The IKEA highchair:

Highchairs can be bulky/ expensive and hard to choose.
I was so put off by the whole process until my husband and I agreed to get the IKEA one until…

Family Day out - Aldenham Country Park/ Farm

Last year I visited my first pumpkin patch at Aldenhams Country Park / Farm.
I was 10 months pregnant and saw they had a whole Halloween theme on the farm for children so my husband and I vowed when our little one was here we would go back.

Fast forward to October this year and guess where we went? Yes.. Aldenhams Country Park / Farm - with Aria and our friends.

 Its a super cute place for your little ones and especially at halloween as they have activities on at the Farm and its all decorated to make it feel spooky (but not scary).

On arrival you pay in the farm shop for entry (£6.00 per adult) and £4.50 for the car park.  You have the option to purchase feed for the animals / pumpkin decorating / ride on the tractor and other activities but I didn't see a breakdown in prices so I would check with them first before you spend a small fortune.
We just paid for entry and the car park as Aria is still quite young for the activities but I advise you to take cash (they do accept card)…

Mom Life - My First Baby Halloween Party

I did it! I hosted my first EVER baby halloween party.
Now I'm a mum I've decided to roll my sleeves up and really get stuck into mum life.

Aria is nearly 10 months old.. she understands more and more each day and I couldn't wait to dress her up and have her friends over.

I wasn't going to blog about this but felt the need as I enjoyed organising/ buying and having this little celebration.

The invite:
I had to consider how many people I could have/ who would need inviting and the right time.

I stuck with close friends and kept the numbers low.. with the children being babies its hectic as it is.. I would have loved to invited more but I tried to be realistic and creep it real!

11am - this is a great time for their age group and also gives the mums a chance to stick to their routine before the PARTY!

The Outfit
I saw so many super cute outfits!
Seriously all the supermarkets have upped their game and online is even better.
For this occasion I chose Arias outfit from H&am…

Mom Life - The Style Bubble Handy Tips Handbook months 6 - 9

WOW - I know I say this every-time... but time is flying and Aria is now 9 months!
Its going so quickly I even told two people this week she's 10 months (baby brain)

If you are following me on Instagram/ Twitter you will see how much Aria is growing and I love to do a round up and pass on some tips for all the new mums out there!

So here we go.. hold on tight... heres months 6 - 9:

Its all go go go.....

Just when it all became easier... things start to change again.. now you are more familiar with your baby its starting to get a lot more interesting.. AND fun!

Weaning time:

From 6 months you can start weaning your baby - well you can actually start at 4 months.. but my husband and I waited until 6 months. Its entirely up to you!

For me this process is probably my hardest experience so far. Im not going to lie I have found it scary as your baby is used to milk, its an entirely different ball game.

Introducing different textures/ tastes and water has been a slow process but now we ca…