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The Dungaree Style Edit

Dungarees - you either love them or you hate them.

You can look like the coolest person about or a 5 year old and I'm hoping I'm more the coolest person about but I will let you decide.
I was out shopping with friend and I was explaining to her that I wasn't feeling comfortable with my style at the moment (I blame the post pregnancy body) and we were having a mooch in Topshop when I laid eyes on these dungarees.. I only tried them on to just try "something different" AND well I ended up loving the style!
I tried/bought a size bigger than I am as I wanted the dungarees to be baggy as I felt more comfortable that way..

When I bought the dungarees I had to purchase the top I tried it on with it as I felt it really completed the look.
Its also from Topshop and I loved the fact it morphed a masculine style outfit into something a little more girly as the top was cropped and has puffed sleeves.
Dugarees look awesome with flatforms (as pictured) or with espadrilles/ tr…

SS18 The Floral Bag Edit

At the moment all things floral are IN. I repeat IN. Which means of course I need to get my grubby mitts on this trend.

High end designers like Gucci and Erdem are currently floral print mad, the busier the better and I am all for this look.
Im literally one of those people that either like my look very plain and stylish or totally out there.. slightly odd I know but I think the totally out there style is me subconsciously rebelling.

The Floral Bag:
Recently I was lucky enough to receive two bags from Krisp Clothing and now I feel set for this trend.

One being a light pink floral designed cross body bag and one being a predominately white floral "embroidery effect" tote.

Both bags beautiful in their own right.

Floral Print Small Cross Body bag:

These bags are perfect for summer, they are so handy! Great for sight seeing abroad, hectic London life or being mum!
As a new mum I find a cross body bag is perfect to keep your purse/ phone/ keys and a lip stick to hand withou…

The Ivy Chelsea Garden -

Every now and then I love to visit the hotspots in London and have something to look forward to.

My last trip was before December so this day out was long overdue.
Last year I saw the Ivy opened "The Ivy City Garden" and of-course I was desperate to go but due to unfortunate circumstances I never made it. 
Fast forward to a couple of months ago when my friend and I were choosing where to have a day out and we chose "The Ivy Chelsea Garden".
Admittedly this was the better choice!
Why? The restaurant is located on one of Londons most sought after roads, one that is lined with high end shops, bars and beautiful houses. You can really make a day of it - and thats exactly what we did.
I made the booking on which was great as they send reminders!  This is so handy considering we both lead hectic lives AND we tend to book so far in advance.
Back to my experience:
After wading through the bloggers having their pictures taken at the entrance of cascading …

Mom Life - The Style Bubble Handy tips handbook for The first 12 weeks

I can’t believe it’s been 12 weeks since Aria was born and wow has it been a rollercoaster!

I never read much prior to giving birth and still haven't (I blame my hectic life) but I really wanted to share my experience and handy tips to all the lovely ladies thinking about having a baby/ currently pregnant or dealing with a new born.
The night we went home:
After spending 5 days in hospital we were finally allowed home! Proud parents running out the hospital door with our newborn.. I need to be honest - the first night is the scariest. Suddenly your at home. alone. No midwifes. No nurses. Just you, your partner and a newborn. 
My advice - Stay calm, its normal to feel scared or want to constantly watch your baby. Everyone does it. 

Being mom - being at home:
Once I was home I just wanted to be comfy (you will understand why once you've given birth!
Therefore before baby is here treat yourself to new loungewear. I bought a few sets and I saved them for when I got home from the hos…

My Spring Wish List - The Luxury Edit

Finally spring has sprung! its taken a while but we are finally there and now that we have had our one day of sunshine we are all set right? wrong! I haven't been inspired whatsoever and I have heard a lot of people feel the same way.

Ive decided to compile a Luxury Spring Wish List.. I figured I do one at Christmas
so why not for Spring?


As Spring is approaching its time to think about the "Tote bag" you will need, yes need! they are great for the spring AND summer months...

I am in awe of this one form YSL - I love the dark Khaki which would look amazing with beige and white tones. It has a detachable purse inside and a cute gold YSL tag.

This would definitely be my ultimate bag.. if this isn't quite your does come in other colours just check out

IF this bag is too expensive I have actually found an alternative from Matalan!

Its reversible grey and light pink and a tiny portion of the price of a YSL! yes you can thank me later!!

Spring t…