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The YSL Touché Éclat Foundation and concealer game changer is here!

I am so excited about my latest YSL foundation and concealer!

I CAN NOT live without these products and I have decided to share it with you...and technically it is fashion inspired.

YSL have recently launched a brand new foundation "Touché Éclat Le Teint" and for me it has changed everything. This wonderful foundation promises to offer even more coverage and staying power, weightless feeling on the skin and a magic light reflecting formula and it does ALL that.

I always apply my foundation with a brush (this is the best way for good results) and the colour blends beautifully into my skin. I feel my skin can breath whereas other foundations have left my skin feeling clogged and dry. I can not believe this silky foundation provides full coverage yet leaves my skin feeling hydrated and radiant. It has a scent of cucumber which immediately makes my skin feel fresh and alive. Since buying this foundation I swear by it and will not consider another for a very very long time!�����…

Spring essential edition - River Island Pink Lightweight Trench coat

Spring has sprung and what better way than to start treating yourself to a few new key essentials for this season?

I tend to purchase my key items before the season is in full swing and the minute I bought my River Island lightweight Trench Coat it helped me to decide my colour palette for my spring/ summer collection.

I absolutely adore blush pink and mixing it with other earth colours, I find these particular shades look soft, natural and delicate. I like to mix and match it with a spot of lace to give that added girly touch.    
The reason I chose this particular coat was because it's extremely soft texture. It's 100% Tencel and is machine washable which can be very handy (Being a light colour you never know how often you may need to clean it!) it's a great 3/4 length style means it can still keep you warm on those crisp spring days a head.

With the texture being so soft it's not too structured and has that "I've just thrown it on" look. This is a fab…

My latest must have! - Rose Gold accessories from Accessorize

Welcome to my latest obsession... Rose Gold everything!
Why am I so obsessed? I am a lover of all things gold and love a touch of silver but recently Rose Gold is climbing the ranks of importance in my spring/ summer collection.

Last weekend I had a big night out planned with the girls and I really wanted to wear something new.. Don't we all when we go out? But sometimes your bank balance can't always forfill your lust to buy a whole new outfit so I like to take the opportunity to get creative!

We all have our favourite LBD (little black dress) in the dark depths of our wardrobes and one of my favourites I have only worn out it came.. But I needed a statement piece. I usually opt for coloured heels and bright lipstick but this time I changed things up..

Every time I walk into Accessorize I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I circulate the store looking at every collection and then I feel myself falling in love. I popped into Accessorize over a week ago and I fell in lo…

The art to up styling a H&M Basic dress

Two weeks a go I had the dilemma of "What can I wear for a February wedding!?" Don't get me wrong if you took a trip to my wardrobes you would see plenty of occasional dresses that I have only worn once, maxi dresses, lace, black, red, pinks and pastel colours.. All types.. but I just didn't feel they would be suitable as I had never attended a wedding in February and with this in mind I was excited to get myself something new. I went to all my regular haunts and even trawled the internet but sometimes when your looking too hard I find nothing grabs me.

After extensive searching my last port of call Was H&M and to be honest I was on the brink of just giving up when I found a very simple dress from the "Divided H&M Basic" range. I loved the colour and quickly slipped it on.. I thought you really can't go wrong for £9.99. In the changing room I pictured in my mind what I had at home and what colours I could wear it with.

The colour is a gorgeous w…