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Contrasting pineapple crossbody bag from Zara

Presenting my Pineapple mini bag.

This year we are set to see a new extreme of bags... Gone are the oversized bags... It's ALL about the mini ones and this one is the cutest one around from Zara.

It's has 3 of my favourite things
1. Monochrome.
2. Gold.
3. It's shaped like a pineapple!

AND my gorgous sister bought it for me for my birthday! Well I picked it and she gave me the money  :)  I absolutely adore it.

What is not to love!

It has a cage effect to make it resemble that of the pineapple skin, gorgous spikes on one size and a gold long chain to wear cross body or on one side.

I saw the actual bag online first and something about it had me dreaming, it's so cute and a great bag for your essentials -phone, money, keys and a lipstick.

I purchased this from Instore and I am going to wear it for London Fashion Week festival as I am wearing monochrome.

Why do you need to purchase a pineapple mini bag?

1. Mini bags are set to be big this year - on trend.
2. Good value.

My visit to LFW festival at 108 The Strand

Back in January my best friend and I discussed attending The London Fashion Week Festival, we both haven't been before and thought it would be a great day out.

I was extremely lucky as she bought me my ticket as my birthday present, the silver package and upgraded to front row tickets for the catwalk... So you can imagine I was extremely excited.

Upon arrival we were given wrist bands and our package included Vivienne Westwood designed tote bags.

As we entered we were 40 minutes away from attending the "Trend" catwalk show so we decided to scope the place out... We saw a few stools and then headed to the show.

Scheduled at 4pm we had great seats and it was all very exciting.

The show was all about the ruffles and print trend all of which could be purchased at 108 The Strand.

The spectators were all taking pictures and filming the show, it was a great atmosphere and I fell in love with two outfits - the red trousers, embroidered jacket and lace top (above) and the gorgo…

Grain striped organdy kimono from TwistxTurn

I am so excited to finally share one hell of a Top with you, I only bought it nearly a year ago but it's one of Twistxturn classic looks and for me will be a timeless piece for a few years.

Whilst shirts are currently on trend in a big way it's finally time I wore this beauty.

This top is a Krisp white kimono style, with bat wing sleeves and a belt.

This is definately a top every fashionista needs as it has a great peplum style edging which looks great with tight jeans or pencil skirts.

So why now?

Ive decided this is the perfect top to wear to London Fashion Week Festival! Like I said it's a fashionistas dream, it's overstated yet it's not too in your face and I just love the silhouette it creates and the shape it adds to my body.

The fabric is slightly transparent and I would wear a vest top or something underneath... Unless your abroad and it's scorching hot..

There is so much detail with the rouched hem, bow belt and bat wing sleeves it's a real show s…

Gingham peplum shirt from Primark

I am crazy about peplums.......and gingham is on the come back, so you can imagine when I found this shirt in Primark I was ecstatic.

Primark shirts are great, they wash well and last for the incredibly low prices you pay.

Plus you can keep up to date with fashion for less.

There are soooo many gorgous gingham items breaking through and I love the fact I can introduce this print into my workwear style.

The peplum also gives it that added girly touch and will look great with black chinos or a pencil skirt.

I didn't see this in any other colours but I am a huge monochrome lover so for me this is perfect.

Why do you need this in your current wardrobe?

1. Excellent style for work.
2. Would look fab with skinny jeans and ballerina pumps.
3. Great value
4. Gingham print is IN
5. Gorgous peplum detail.


Aviator fashion glasses by H&M

Do I wear glasses? No I don't.

These are my latest fashion accessory.

It is a strange one as roughly 5 years ago "Geek chic" was all the range and at the time I had fake thick rim glasses which I loved.

Geek chic has recently been revamped with a 70s look.

The glasses need to be aviator oversized frames and I found mine at H&M.

They are gold frames with a small touch of tortoise shell on the arms of the frames and look very retro indeed.

Although I probably look semi ridiculous I really like them!!

The only thing I would say is that you shouldn't really wear them for too long.

They make a great statement and really add to the look I created at the weekend.

Why should you channel your inner 70s?

1. Hottest trend right now.
2. Excellent value for money to get the look for less.
3. Adds intelligence to your look.
4. Great for an evening out if your heading somewhere trendy.
5. Can also be worn daytime.

Get yours here;

Aviator fashion glasses from H&M


Dotty sheer peplum top from Primark

At the moment Sheer fabric and layering is on trend and this is one look I am keen to go full force on.

I am loving embroidered sheer tops and dresses and also patterned fabrics - it's great for evenings out if purchased on black but nudes and pastel sheer tops can be easily worry daytime for a more fairytale look.

On a recent trip to Primark I really had to hold back from buying all their sheer tops but there was one that caught my eye... And yes it was a black one again.

This top is a dotty print sheer fabric and has a peplum which by the way is coming back in fashion! (My fave)

As the top is completely see through I wore a vest top underneath.

The beauty of this top is the fact you can wear it day or night AND it can worn in the summer over a bikini.

There are so many styles tha can be created from one top.

Why should you head to Primark?

1. This top is excellent value for money.
2. Gorgous dotty design looks great on top of your skin.
3. Sheer tops are very much IN.
4. Extra …

L'Oreal Beauty And The Beast Lipstick

"she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within"

I am literally the luckiest girl in the world because I am now the proud owner of this years MUST HAVE l'oreal Beauty and the Beast themed lipsticks.

Yes they exist!!!

I'm lucky because they are my Valentines Day pressie from my love ( after numerous hints) he actually bought them. This is why I'm smiling from cheek to cheek.

They are not easy to get hold of at all and now I have 2,

I opted for "Belle" as its a classic red (my fave colour lippie) AND she's one of my all time favourite princesses!! So much so my best friend asked me to be Belle last year for her princess party parade!

The packaging is a gorgous velvet wrap, red and mini gold Belles all over it.

It's just so pretty and so magical I'm almost to scared to actually start wearing it.
I have only had it a day!

The second stunning lipstick I went for because I love both the colour and the character!


Smoke grey gel nail polish from New Look

Over the last couple of years I have become a super fan of New Looks Gel nail polish.

I haven't posted about them before but this weekend I picked up a gorgous colour called "Smoke" and I fancied sharing it.

Smoke - is a dark deep grey colour. It's now time to wave good bye to the black nail polish and give red a break.

Grey is beggining to really take off is all aspects of fashion and this particular deep grey really adds attitude and sass without being too in your face.

This particular range has severL colours and every so often new colours are added BUT I didn't gave this one and do pleased I now do.

They offer a 3 for 2 so you can purchase two colours and the top coat polish.

Why do you need to invest?

1. Hottest colour around and on trend.
2. Gel nail polish - it's high in shine and last longer than regular nail polish.
3. Excellent value.
4. Pretty packaging.
5. Great for Spring

Get your New Look nails here;

Smoke Grey Gel Nail Polish - New Look


Forever/ Sister printed T-Shirt from Bershka

Slogan Tees are set to be big again this year and there's a new way of wearing them - matching with your BFF.

Yes it sounds good right?

So at the weekend my BFF and I always like to go out "twinning" whether this means by wearing similar outfits, similar colours or now matching Tees it makes our bond stronger than ever.

I spotted these gorgous Tees from Bershka and thought "this is so US" that I had to get it.

It's a great Tee to wear on a day out together or like we did.. For casual drinks with our friends.

How you dress it is totally up to your individual style.

 One of the Tees slogan is "forever" and the other tee slogan is "sisters" = Sisters Forever.

It's a great idea as one Tee is black and one tee is white.

I chose the black and my bff wore the White.

I opted for a pleather skirt and otk boots and my bff wore a metallic midi skirt and floral print ankle boots... We both rocked different styles yet we completely matched.

So i…

Lunching at Aubaine in Selfridges

For a while now I have wanted to visit Aubaine in Selfridges... Each time I passed it.. I did exactly that and passed it.

Friday I stopped and being it was a special day out with my mother I said "let's try this, I have wanted to for ages"

My mother isn't too well as she suffers from severe Crohn's disease, therefore she can be limited on what she can eat.

We studied the menu and immediately she laid eyes on the mussels (they seem to not agitate her illness) so we skipped in with a warm welcome from staff and we could also choose where to sit.

We probably reached the restaurant around 12/ 12.30pm and it was busy enough for good atmosphere.

The place is so beautifully decorated I couldn't help but take some snaps and now here I am blogging about the place!

Flowers cascading seem to be a running theme. Patterned tiles (my fave) can be spotted around the restaurant.

As previously mentioned -my mother chose the muscles and they came accompanied with skinny frie…