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Black Molly reform jeggings from River Island

I have been on the hunt for a suitable pair of black jeans for ages... And you know when you have one pair of jeans you can't let go of but have to? Yeh that happened to me. Hence I bought a new pair and actually it's not so bad... I think I have finally got a pair that ticks every box and I'm ready to throw the old pair away.

My new pair are the "Black Molly reform jeggings" from River Island.

I had a a voucher to use and this time I was sensible and bought something I needed.

I wore them on Saturday night with a body suit and over the knee boots.

They are pure black but have gorgeous rose gold details - the button and a River Island logo on the back.

Why are these black jeans so special?

1. Jeggings are softer than regular jeans, so super comfy.
2. Pure black look.
3. Reasonable price.
4. Skinny style all the way to the ankles.
5. Rose gold details - button and River Island logo.
6. Excellent for nights out but can be worn casually during the day.

I'm so h…

Exaggerate no 141 false lashes from Eylure

I am a quite the competition queen... I love to enter them and I really love if I win them..

My recent win were these stunning lashes from Eylure.

I don't use false lashes often but when I do I love them to make a real statement and these do exactly that.

The lashes are called "Exaggerate no 141"

There are so many different styles available but these are full, long and don't actually look too fake.

Once applied I topped the lashes with a lick of mascara and I went for bold eyeliner as I wanted really dramatic eyes for a night out.

So if you really fancy some dramatic lashes for a night out.... These are the ones!

:) xx

Good things miracle mattifier moisturiser

I have been thinking whether to post about this moisturiser or not... It's not like my regular posts I usually blog about makeup BUT I had to share this absolute wonder.. I literally could not live without it.

This is MY moisturiser.

I have been through many different moisturisers from store own brands to Chanel and I would honestly pick this one any day.


First of all and most importantly it's free from Parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oils and sulphites.

Secondly it's smells absolutely amazing!

Third of all I have never seen my skin looking or feeling as good as it does With this moisturiser.

This moisturiser is based on super fruits blackcurrant and Goji berry for super skin.

Why do you need this moisturiser in your life?

1. Excellent value for money.

2. Love the results I have seen with my skin.

3. Smells amazing!!

4. All good ingredients - including free from parabens.

5. Easily accessible to buy from places like Boots.

6. I just loooooooove it!

Buy yours he…

Style Tipper - Leopard Print coat classic trend

This post is a little late for the time of the season or we could spin it on its head and say I'm incredibly early for AW17.

Either way this look is a classic one, so you could say this is more of an informative blog/ style tipper ... Actually that's what I will call this - "Style Tipper" and it ALLLLL about my leopard print coat which despite purchasing over 6 weeks ago (hence why I'm late) I just haven't had time to wear it or the right moment.

The moment was Saturday when I was heading out shopping with my mum.

This actual coat was purchased from Matalan and is no longer available, however most high street stores still have similar Leopard print coats available.

If you can't get your hands on one now, wait til Autumn and ensure  you snap one up as this classic coat is a fashion trend year in and year out.

I am so happy I have this coat as I know now I will have it for years to come.

How would you wear leopard print?

Some people find animal prints are …

Gucci leather belt with interlocking G buckle

Happy birthday to me!

This year I have celebrated a milestone and I decided to buy myself a birthday gift. To me, from me.


I have wanted a Gucci belt for the most of 2016 and decided to go for it once and for all.

Originally I wanted the leather belt with double G but after its mass popularity they are hard to get hold of AND I decided to get something a little more classic as I quite like the classic look and plus the style won't go out of fashion.

When I was trying it on in Gucci I immediately fell in love with it and it was in stock.

The belt comes in a gorgeous monochrome box and a dust bag to keep it clean and safe.

This weekend my prized belt had its debut and I absolutely loved styling it.

I started with a heavily embroidered dress and faux fur and completely changed the next day to a 80s inspired look.

With the belt being so classic it is easier to create different looks and I am looking forward to wearing all black and let the belt speak for itself.

Reasons why yo…

Beaded lace choker necklace from Topshop

I have recently stopped buying chokers as I seem to have built up a collection so big I could own my own store but I have to admit it, I love them and I love what they can add to an outfit.

I have held back but this weekend was my birthday and I really wanted something new and different and I literally found the most gorgeous one.

It's big, bold and beautiful and just full of detail.

Full of pretty roses and lace And being black it looks so dramatic and striking.

I saw it a week ago and dreamt about it ever since so I knew i had to have it - yes if I dream about something I know I need it.

Reasons why you should purchase the hottest choker right now;

1. Full of details - little black crystals that catch the light makes it an eye catching piece.
2. Striking statement piece to really add a wow factor to your outfit.
3. Good value for money.
4. Classy slightly gothic vibe.
5. Just to be different.

Get yours here:

Beaded lace choker necklace from Topshop

Rose wrap over dress from H&M

This weekend was my birthday and like every girl on their birthday - you want something new to wear (any excuse!)

However I was in a predicament - it was a surprise where I was going and I didn't know how to dress.
Of course being Christmas and new year I had left it late to purchase an outfit.
I raced to Westfield on Friday night and looked for 2 hours and left empty handed!
I'm not keen on sales and everything and everywhere was ALL about sales.

until I remembered a dress I had seen in H&M a week back and I think it had stayed on my brain because that was what I wanted all a long. So Saturday morning I went back and bagged the dress.

I literally love it. The rose colour, the velvety feel, the wrap front, not too tight, bow detail and bell sleeves.

For a spontaneous outfit I would have to say this was the best and I'm so glad I went for a dress as the surprise turned out to be a surprise unicorn birthday party for meeee :)

Reasons why you need this dress in your ward…

marbleous brush set from Spectrum collection

Several months ago I purchased the most beautiful brushes from and packed them away until it was the new year.

At the start of every year I like to invest in new brushes but they have to be something I adore and something different. 
I can't believe I actually waited until January 2017 to bring these out.
These brushes are like no other, the styles are out of this world, the brushes are soft and they claim "no unicorns were harmed in the making" which is what I love most.. These are your ultimate fantasy brushes.
I bought two sets 
- The marbleous 5 piece sculpt set. - The marbleous 7 piece smoke set.
However you can purchase the 12 piece set but as these sell like hot cakes the set had already sold out so I purchased the two sets separetly.
I love the gorgeous details on the brushes - white, rose gold and grey.. They just so look pretty and so instagramable!
The company is PETA registered and Vegan trademarked cruelty free brand - which makes m…