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KIKO kisses - Crayon Gloss Pencils

Again I am excited to share more KIKO Milano cosmetics and this time it's all about LIPS!

It's not one but two colours I have to share with you and this time it's not a lipstick or a tube of gloss - it's a crayon gloss!!
I have recently bought two colours and these now come with me everywhere at the weekend! 
One of the colours is 09 - this is my ultimate colour that every woman should own.  It's a nude shade - which is perfect for day and to give it an evening glam look I recommend you add a darker shade lip liner. It also helps to give the illusion of a fuller lip. 
There are a few reasons why I would highly recommend these colours or this particular Crayon Gloss: 
1. High shine without lips feeling glupey or too sticky. 
2. Easy to put on your lips and use with lip liner.
3. Gorgeous natural tones and various other colours in the range.
4. Easy to keep in your make up bag and definitely handy for a night out.
5. Excellent value for money.

The top picture shows 0…

This River Island Crochet bikini is too hot to miss out on!

This year has seen the rise of the swimsuit and it seems like bikinis have met their match and stepped up their game.

Swimwear is bigger and hotter than ever and what you wear by the pool side or on the beach is becoming more and more fashionable and there are so many styles to choose from.      

 I am a super fan of all things swimwear, I have mentioned in a recent post that I love to have several bikinis for a holiday.

I usually tend to buy bandeau bikini tops but this year I really fancied something crochet and different.

Long before the summer months I spotted this gorgeous black crochet bikini top from River Island, admittedly I didn't buy it straight away but I knew I had to return when I kept thinking about it.

I couldn't get back to the Oxford street branch so instead I managed to order it to my nearest store.

There are a few reasons I reccommed and adore this bikini top;

1. The detail of the crochet at the front is very eye catching, the pattern actually reminded me of…

Hot lips from NYX

The summer is finally here and a pop of colour is a much needed beauty staple for summer.

I haven't bought from NYX cosmetics in a while but recently they hav launched their range in my local Boots! For me this was revolutionary!

My eyes literally felt like a kid in a candy store! I felt even more excited when I came across this gorgeous soft matte lip cream. It's vibrant coral colour screamed summer. I always find these types of colours really brings out the whites in your eyes.

You can dare to wear this colour during the day, for festivals, beach clubs or simply shopping... The colour does tend to stay on your lips so it's great if you want to carry you look into the evening.

The colour is vibrant but with its Matte look it's not that garish and matte lips are the one right now!

There are so many different colours to buy from this range at the moment but if you fancy having statement lips then "Manila" is for you!

Bring on more sunshine and more Hot lips b…

Eyebrow game strong with KIKO

Whilst the whole world is going crazy over eyebrows and hashtags like "#onfleek" are trending everyday, it can get quite confusing which product to use!

I only started shaping my eyebrows at the start of last year but I have been testing a lot of different ones and this one I had to share!

At the moment I am a super fan of KIKO Milano cosmetics and each time I go in store I find something new I fall in love with. My latest purchase is their Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic pencil in 05.

There are several reason why I am a super fan of this eyebrow product.

1. The colour 05 - I have fairly light eyebrows and I like to go a few shades darker. The deeper the brow the better. I have dark roots and brown eyes and I feel a darker brow gives my face more depth.

2. It is incredibly easy to use. I am able to draw my desired shape of brow and then fill it in for a thickeryet defined look.

3. Easy to carry around with you. A lot of eyebrow kits can be quite big and take up space in your make…

This summer the swimsuit is coming to a pool near you -from Zara

I am the hugest fan of swimwear, each year I tend to have 6 -8 bikinis for a 10 day holiday.
When I was much younger my collection used to be far worse. I would have bikinis that I would swim in, ones that I would wear once I had a tan, a morning bikini, a lounging bikini and also one that would be for photos..only. I have come a long way since then but I still love to have a different bikini for nearly each day alternatively I like mix and match the tops and bottoms.

This year the swimsuit is in and the bikini is out. I'm loving this trend! I feel swimsuits are much more elegant and sophisticated and if you haven't been able to shift some of your winter weight then it really does wonders for your figure.

I searched for quite a while and couldn't find the perfect one until one Saturday I was in a mad rush a couple weeks ahead of my trip and found a gorgeous swimsuit in Zara. From that point I didn't look back.

The first time I wore my Zara swimsuit was at a beach club …

My Dolce and Gabbana inspired H&M dress

When I left Milan I left inspired. The one place I was truly impressed with was Dolce and Gabanna and their bold prints. Every collection they had told a story and I was transformed into their fantasy world looking around their stores.

When I arrived back home the idea of wearing prints of flowers was embedded in my mind and I had to find something to quench my thirst for this look. I tend to steer away from prints but sometimes I love to go off track.

The day before my trip I suddenly felt unprepared and made a quick dash to H&M. I call this my "last cry for help" whenever I impulse buy Dr a holiday. We all know the truth - we have enough clothes already but you have that need to pack a little more than needed and buy last minute clothes just in case".

Presenting to you my "Dolce and Gabbana" inspired dress.

It's bold floral pattern mixed with stripes in a variation of colour really make this dress stand out from the rest. It has a gorgeous v neckline…

Simplicity is the key to elegance - day 3 in Milan dressed in Bershka

By day 3 I knew Milan like the back of my hand.
I knew the days were hot, I had places I loved to visit even if it was for the third time. I had much enjoyment having coffees in the mornings and prosecco in the afternoon and evenings. Life slowly passed me by and I felt like I belonged to the city.

Each day I loved to wear a new outfit and it's true what they say simplicity is the key to looking elegant.

A few weeks before Milan I knew I had to get summer ready by visiting Bershka and on this trip I picked up a gorgeous black dress. The material hangs, it's has a ribbed effect and it's one of those dresses you can just throw on.

Even though the dress is so simple it's perfect for city life, city trips and holidays. I dressed it up with a thick long gold chain, my gold and white Miss KG flat forms and my Louis Vuitton bag. I love to mx fast fashion with designer and by keeping your clothes simple it lets your accessories speak louder.

The dress was so comfy and I loved …

Monochrome in Milan - my third night in my favourite fashion city

I am the biggest monochrome lover going, I seriously love the contrast of the two colours together and in every trip I take , you will always see a monochrome outfit is packed.

This year has been heavily about cropped tops and high waisted trousers and I am a big fan of this look.

I have recently felt a little insecure about my body shape and outfits like these have made me feel a lot better.

Going to a city I am not familiar with I didn't fancy wearing small dresses or even clothes that were too tight because of the humidity that's why for the evenings I had packed two pairs of high waisted trousers.

 The White trousers are from Zara (one of my favourite places to shop) they are cropped, high waisted with a white belt attached that can be tied in a bow.

I tie the bow on the side as I felt it was quite a lot of material to go into the middle. They have a rouched hem round the waist and feel quite loose until you tie the belt.

The bottom of the trousers are not cigaret style bu…

My Valentino Rockstud debut in their home town of Milan teamd with a "Never Fully Dressed" outfit

After wearing heels on my first night and walking around in flat forms all of Friday and Saturday I decided to Rock my beloved Valentino Rock Studs.

I have been a proud owner of these shoes for a few months now but have never had the right weather or occasion for them so I decided that the right place to wear them would be Milan.

I have wanted these shoes for so long and I absolutely adore them. I decided to get the flats rather than heels as I love to have coloured shoes and all kinds of heels for different occasions I didn't want to limit myself. Therefore I chose the matte nude and gold studs. When I buy designer I love to keep the look simple so I steer towards black' nude or neutral colours.

The gold studs really catch the light and make them sparkle without having all diamontes stuck to your feet. These are super cool and super classy and this how I like my shoes!

At first the shoes did t seem too comfy but as the evening went on they became more comfy - I bought a size 5…

My second day in Milan - keeping it chic and classy

During my time in Milan my husband and i agreed to just take life easily out there, we walked around the city, visited the shops, stopped for food and prosecco.

I planned my outfits over the last few months and a few weeks prior to my trip I purchased them.

My second day outfit consisted of a gorgeous print skirt from Primark, a white cut out shirt from Bershka and gold and white flat forms from Miss KG.

 I always believe when I visit European cities I like to keep my outfits chic and classy. I don't like to show too much skin as it is a city and not a beach after all.

A maxi skirt is a great choice that's why I chose this blue one from Primark. Each year they have a vast selection and with the two slits either side it was easy to walk in. The mater is thin and doesnt crease so looked perfect even though it fitted in hand luggage. It's a great way to cover up but remain quite cool in a hot city.  I bought a size 8 and it fit extremely well - I usually take a size 8 -10.

I …

My first night in Milan "I feel like I'm a walking Zara advert"

After a short journey to Milan (1 hour and 45 minutes from Stanstead) and a few hours roaming around the city and bumping into Mr Gorgio Armani himself... Seriously I did! It was time to get ready and go for Dinner. The weather in Milan around the summer months is hot and humid and the nights especially.

As I only went for 3 nights/ 4 days I really tried to keep my luggage to a minimum. Hand luggage doesn't allow you to take "options" and if needs be cities like Milan have the regular high street shops so if you have forgotten something then you can always pick it up there.

My first night in Milan I really did feel like I was a walking Zara advert as I was literally dressed head to toe in Zara. Places like Milan tend to be very humid in the summer so I opted for a loose white shirt dress and a pair of statement shoes and matching bag.

The white shirt dress was cool to wear as it wasnt tight and a perfect style for a fashion city!
I bought it in a size "S" as I…