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The Jumper Dress Autumn Edit

Its Officially the last weekend of Summer with the clocks going back and last week I heard that the temperature was going to drop - Finally!
(Since being pregnant I have felt so hot and have been longing for cooler days and they are finally here)

In anticipation of the cooler weather I purchased two oversized jumper dresses and have patiently waited to wear them and all of a sudden I had a Jumper dress themed weekend so decided to write about both rather than create two blog posts.

Saturdays Style 
This jumper is from H&M and was purchased for under £30.

Its Charcoal colour and is available in other colours but I find darker colours are much easier to mix and match and style.

The is one of my favourite maternity styles without being "maternity wear". Its just a regular oversized jumper and I have bought it 2 sizes bigger than what I would usually wear.

The arms are baggy and it has a loose rolled neck, its super comfy and also not too thick.

Items like this is great to l…

Black stirrup knee high New look boots

Last year I purchased the most comfortable boots for work from New Look and being a rubber type of heel they only tend to last one winter season (every day use) So I binned last years ones and hoped they re-released a similar pair this year.

As soon as boots season started I kept checking and couldn't believe my luck when I saw they had returned.

Why do I love these boots so much?

Firstly they are comfortable - each day I walk 40 minutes as part of my commute which means comfort is key.

Secondly they are part leather look and part elasticated at the back which means if you have slightly skinnier legs they fir much better.

Thirdly they are versatile - whist I wear them to work with dresses and skirts they would also look gorgeous at the weekend with jeans and an oversized jumper.

My final reason - excellent value for money at just £29.99!!

 Since I have bought them I haven't taken them off!

I have been wearing them each day for work and its fitted well with my maternity style …

L'oreal Balmain Lipstick - Glamazone

Every so often L'Oreal release a special limited edition range.

Earlier this year I became a proud owner of the L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast range, which I absolutely loved.

Now just a few weeks ago L'Oreal released a range in-conjuction with Balmain.

Balmain is a popular luxury brand which I am in awe of and I literally couldn't believe they were releasing an affordable range.

All the designer houses recently have released a beauty range and the lipsticks tend to be £25 - £29 but the ones from L'Oreal / Balmain are a steal at £12.99.

Originally they were only available in Harvey Nicholls and now they can be purchased in Boots!!

I chose 3 - but I have only worn 1 so far.

There is a large variety of colours but I went for the dark dramatic colours.

This year I have decided to go for a completely out there style, even though I love nude lipsticks and vibrant reds.. something inside me has decided I want a more dark intense look.

It may be that its my maternity style…