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The Tweed Jacket Style Edit

This year I have already posted about my Chanel shoe dupes and now I'm stepping up my game with the one jacket that is so incredibly iconic and a true classic - The Tweed Jacket.

The jacket was inspired by her love the Duke of Westminster, where he would wear a tweed jacket she took the style (originally just for men) and transformed the idea of a tweed jacket so that women can also wear it.

I would love to personally thank her!

Now a real Chanel tweed jacket is so desirable and I would LOVE to own one but for now I will definitely settle for a dupe.

Again I have found that Zara are great for this!!

They have released several this year so far, a navy one with gold buttons, a red and navy one and this creamy coloured one.

I really wanted a cream coloured one (this looks cream but is a mix of pastel colours when close up) and this one has beautiful buttons and the classic frayed edges.

I think tweed style jackets look great as a smart casual look.

The first time I wore this jacket …

My Zara Haul - The Chanel Dupes Edit

Im shoe crazy. like most women right? Or so I keep telling myself.

Recently I've had a lot of time on my hands.. ok when I say time I actually mean I'm feeding my baby and trawling the internet desperately looking for new trends/ key pieces and how to revive my style.

Zara is one of my easy go to places when I feel this way - why? well I pretty much love most things they sell.. if I could be their walking advert I would.. well I technically am as my wardrobe is Zara full.

So on to my haul.. the other week I did an Instagram story asking my followers if I should purchase 3 pairs of shoes I had seen or just the 1.. the results were 84% said to buy them and following that I had many DMs saying to go for it! life is too short. I only know this too well after last years events and thought why not!!

These shoes are ALL in the style of Chanel BUT for a very tiny fraction of Chanels asking price - hence why I could indulge in buying all 3!

I am so in love with Chanel and anything tha…