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My Luxury Christmas wish list 2017

A few ..... I posted a picture on my Instagram about how much I want the new Gucci Bloom perfume and asked if I should write a Christmas wish list.. so after a few people saying YES.. here I am.. Christmas Wish list 2017!!

Im so excited to write this post as I haven't done a wish list before and I love sharing my finds and my taste with everyone else :)

On The Rox London - Wish List 2017 

1. The newly released Gabrielle perfume by Chanel.

I am crazy about Chanel and when I heard they were releasing a new perfume I couldn't wait.
When I first smelt it I fell in love and drenched myself in the stuff.
I knew it was a winner when a lady 10 minutes later in the queue for coffee asked me what perfume I was wearing because it smelt sooooo good.

2. Gucci Bloom 

Another perfume because Gucci is also one of my favourite designers at the moment and I am so Gucci obsessed.
I love the simplicity of the bottle and the fact its pink would look great on my dressing table.
Most of all I love the…

My Latest bargain over the knee boots from Zara

If you follow me on Instagram or on Twitter you would have seriously realised I am ALL about the over the knee boots this year.

To be honest I love them every autumn/ winter and this is how I have now grown such a large selection of them but I am particularly loving them this year as they have made my maternity look and have kept me feeling like myself yet remaining comfy.

Anyway... recently I find myself stalking Zara website.. like seriously stalking and putting items in my basket but not always necessarily purchasing them - DO you do that? Well I had a pair of OTK boots In my basket but decided I really needed to try them on and at the time they were around £49.99 - I went to Zara and I could believe my eyes they had been reduced to £25.99!
Hence bargain boots!!

These boots slide on with an opening at the ankle for ease.

If you have quite skinny legs they actually stay up!

They have gold details and actually look much more expensive than their current price tag - trust me.

The fir…

Tale As Old As Time Afternoon Tea at the Town House at the Kensington

Are you a fan of Beauty and The Beast?
Yes me too!

Earlier this year I heard there was going to be a themed afternoon tea in London to celebrate the re release of Beauty and the Beast. To say I was excited is an understatement.

I absolutely love afternoon tea and I love to try ones with a twist.

When I first found out the tea was sold out I was devastated but I kept checking the website and seriously perseverance paid off... it was February and I bagged my slot for November! crazy I know but definitely worth the wait.

I arrived with my mum on a beautiful crisp cold sunny Monday afternoon greeted by the doorman at our taxi and from that moment on it was truly magical.

 The outside was pretty with a traditional old bicycle and on either side of the entrance bay trees and seating for guests to enjoy the gorgeous Kensington surroundings.
The doorman didn't mind taking a few snaps for us either!

After a few hundred photos outside we were guided to the lobby where we sat in front of a f…