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Ink me stamp tattoo by Rimmel London - The Verdict

Guess who has a new toy?
When I say toy I actually mean makeup.

Yes I've broken my "I have enough makeup/ Im not buying anymore make up" rule.

BUT to be fair this is an exception!

Its a Stamp tattoo!! have you got one? no? well I do and I LOVEEEE it.

Purchased on Friday I actually just wanted a blue eyeliner and stumbled across this.

There was another tattoo shape.. a diamond I think but I opted for the star one.

Boots are currently doing 3 for 2 so I picked both items up and a mascara.

So back to the stamp tattoo I decided to give it a test run.. I had a mini surprise party at mine for my mum and well I saw it as an opportunity to get creative because LIFE IS THE OCCASION.

Handy tips:

DO NOT press too hard or the star has a circle around it - I made this mistake.
Be as creative as you can!! I mixed the stars with my blue eyeliner also from Rimmel.
Buy it if you are heading to a festival or party island.


Its an easy way to make make up fun and create many differe…

The Pom Pom Heels Edit

Pom Pom heels have to be the best invention in recent years.

After having my baby girl I have had to have a revamp of my wardrobe and update my style.

I found I was having a slight identity crisis.. and wanted to be more fun!!

I was casually shopping in Topshop whilst on the phone and suddenly these pom pom heels caught my eye!

These are the epitome of FUN! gorgeous dusky pink and large pom poms. Love Love LOVE!!

These are the high-streets answer to the famous Aquazzura powder puff heels!

I absolutely love finding dupes and this one I want to share with as many people as possible.

Aquazzura heels can set you back around £500 where these are just £39!!

I decided to let my imagination run wild with my recent outfit...

I wore the pom pom shoes with a floral print dress and a dusky pink faux fur bag also from Topshop.

I haven't felt this way about a style I have created since before I was pregnant! for once I felt great!

Not only did I have the best dupes around I managed to get the …

Mom Life - The Style Bubble baby products i am loving!

I have had a few of my followers suggest I blog more about Mum life and so I've decided to do a round up of my products I am absolutely loving so far!

Being a mum to be or a new mum its sooo easy to fall in the trap of buying every single product on the market because you are led into believing you need it all, truth is you don't.

So I have decided to help you cut out the crap and purchase the things you do need and not what you are being told to buy!

The Snuzpod:

 Originally I wanted to be classic and purchase a Moses basket.

Its traditional, pretty and my sister had one and my mum had them when we were babies so I wanted to follow their footsteps.

My husband suggested otherwise and to be honest I am thankful he did.

The Snuzpod is pricey but pricey with perks.
It has a mesh side panel, so when you are in bed you can watch baby, quite comforting in the early days as all you want to do is stare at them.
If you want you can also remove the side so you connect the Snuzpod to you…

The Floral Dress Edit

The Floral Dress Trend

Gone are the days where we opt for something simple, why? because the floral trend is here and it is pretty much taking over.

Im a huge fan of this trend, I have already blogged about Floral bags and now I am blogging about the trend in the form of a dress. And what a dress it is.

The dress I have and where its from:

4 weeks ago I was shopping (well waiting for a friend) and decided to pop into the shops and have a mooch. I spotted this floral dress and wondered if I had enough time to try it on. I quickly headed to the changing room to give it a twirl and it soon became MINE.

I originally bought it to wear with flatforms until It dawned on me I had a christening/ 1st Birthday and this dress would be perfect!

How I styled the dress:

I really wanted a fun and flirty look.
Something inside me wanted to be more adventurous and with floral you can be!
That is the beauty of this trend.
The dress has a variation of colour, blush/ powder blue/ yellow and green and therefo…

The Summer Straw Bag Edit

We all love a new handbag, right?
Any excuse to purchase a new one, right?

Well keep reading! I have you covered.

As the seasons change, so should your bags/ accessories.. what looked good in winter may not look good in Summer!

So I have ditched my black cross body and recently opted for a floral one (given to me by Krisp) and now I'm on to the Straw bag trend.. one I have been using over for a while now...

These bags are EVERYWHERE and if I could have them all I would. I have been watching the trend and a popular choice are the round shaped cross body straw bags which are amazing but I was drawn to this little basket style one and I am so happy with it!!

Why a straw bag this summer?

They are bang on trend, they complete that summers day look you have longed for and will make a great accessory if you are jetting abroad.

The one I chose is light weight, it is fun and it is functional!

Need I say much more?

I chose mine from Zara, they have a great range when it comes to accessories…

My guide to a Mamas wardrobe must have

Time is flying and I am no longer a mum to a newborn, no my baby is nearly 16 weeks old!! Where did that time go? I honestly have no idea but I do know that along my journey I am learning so much.  I hope to share as much as I learn with you and on this occasion I'm talking fashion!
You might be thinking - fashion? seriously? and yes I'm dead serious. Over the weeks I've learnt how to adapt my wardrobe because believe it or not things do have to change.

Here is my guide to a Mamas wardrobe must haves:
SO after birth and the weeks after all you want to be is comfortable. Jeans are no longer your go to choice of casual wear.  If you are like me, you will find you can't quite fit back in them just yet and they aren't comfortable. If you purchased maternity jeans then great you will most likely live in them and if not buy some leggings. Leggings are my best friend! Just grab some from Primark/ Boohoo or  Next - I found the ones from Sainsbury and H&M were…