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Mom Life - The Style Bubble handy tips Handbook babies 3 - 6 months

Can you believe it Aria is 6 months old!
I can't.. it feels like yesterday I was reflecting on the first 12 weeks and dying to pass on my thoughts and feelings about being a new mum.. now here I am writing about months 3 - 6.

Its becoming easier!

Being a new mum hasn't been easy but I have good news.. I honestly believed that after 12 weeks things started to become easier.
Im not going to say its easy but I feel like I was starting to understand Aria more, things became more predictable and I started to have law and order restored in my life again.

My advice:

Think positively and Keep going! it sounds silly but remember you need to credit yourself.. so think positively.. you are doing a great job and it WILL get easier.

Embrace the different stages:

Every day your baby is learning and growing and looking back I can honestly say I have enjoyed each moment, they really are precious and happen so quickly.

During this stage we changed Arias pram so that she could now sit up as layin…

CrossLow Rattan monogrammed bags

Have you seen this summers must have?

Its rattan bags/ wicker bags/ straw bags.. all of these are sweeping the high street and to be honest we just can't get enough.

But do you want to blend in with the crowd OR get something super stylish and personalised?

With CrossLow you can get exactly that.
Why have a plain Rattan bag when you can go all out AND even have it monogramed.

 If you are like me then the fact they monogram these bags means its already in my shopping basket and I must have it.

They have several designs on their website and I decided to go for the stars in silver/ golds and pinks.

Since having Aria I have been more interested in all things magical and pink. Therefore the pink was a natural choice and instead of going for the embroidery patched bags I went for glitter stars as I have decorated Arias bedroom in gold glitter stars and the bag design is just so pretty.

There are all kinds of styles and colours to choose from.

By the way this isn't an ad this is pure…