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Anna Sui Mascara - Verdict

A few weeks, maybe a couple of months ago I was posted some gorgeous Anna Sui goodies.. like lots of goodies.

Instead of me going full steam ahead and using them all I decided to use them as and when I needed.

So this weekend I needed to use a new mascara and I had a special occasion to attend.

I know daring or what. You should always do a test run because mascara is not just mascara.. I am a firm believer of this BUT I literally was caught out and didn't have another spare that I had previously used.

Firstly lets give the packaging some serious appreciation.

I LOVE IT. I mean the actually boxes the makeup comes in.

Its so colourful!! so Happy and vibrant. You would want this to live in your beauty box.

If the box packaging wasn't pretty enough the actual mascara packaging is a beauty too! Gold and black looks so trendy and stylish.. looks great if you touch up your mascara when out and about.

As for the mascara... if all the packaging didn't win your heart then this will…

Press Breakfast - Kids and Co - Pop up Shop

Kids and Co - the latest pop up boutique to grace the streets of Notting Hill.

I was lucky enough to be invited to their press breakfast and I am so glad I pulled out all the stops to attend.

Not only is the area pretty, the shop itself has a great concept and every item was beautiful..from children's clothing to party accessories it is the perfect mix for a busy mum.

The shop boasted four gorgeous companies and I managed to speak with each of them.

Pepa and Co - Unique children clothing.
Little LuLuBel - party accessories.
Em&Lu - Children's sleepwear.
Aurelia - Probiotic Skincare.

Pepa And Co:
This Particular brand I have been following on Instagram ever since Aria was born.

The clothing range is unique, fresh and classic.
They sell my favourite - bloomers with matching bodysuits AND gorgeous knitwear.

The colours are not garish at all. The brightest colour you will find is red but it is so well styled with blues and whites you will fall in love immediately.

Little Lulubel…

Brunch at Bills Restaurant

After months and months of my sister and I tagging each other on Bills instagram feed.. I finally went for brunch.
Sadly not with myself sister and I'm not sure just yet if she has clicked I have been.. but after she sees this I guess I will have some explaining to do!

So Bills...was it worth the wait?
I can confirm it was. why? they sell pancakes!!

I mean they sell more than pancakes but that is always my first choice.

3 stacks or more.. you decide.
I only went for 3 as I am "trying" to loose some weight and  opted for fruit instead of bacon.

It was drenched in syrup!

Useful tip - before starting the pancakes ask for extra syrup - when you eat them you will know why and can thank me later!

As for My husband he went for smashed avocado with chilli - yes the healthier option!!

We had 2 lattes (mine I had to ask to be weaker) and a fresh orange juice to share.

The service was friendly and the food was quickly prepared.. great when you are really peckish!

The lighting wasn…