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Nicia Suedette Pocket Side lace up mini skirt from

Lately I have found I have a paticular style I like to wear at the weekends... Mini skirts, oversized jumpers, knee boots and my maxi duster.

With this in mind I have only 2 mini skirts I currently own and really want to expand my collection,

I opted for this skirt from and to be n
Honest it was something out if my comfort zone.

I know it's currently hot to wear lace up skirts, or lace up anything in fact... So I thought I would order it and give it a go and yes I kept it, it was a huge success.

The skirt sits high waisted, it has a zip on the side and a lace up front, oversized pockets and suedette feel in a gorgeous burgundy/ berry colour.

I purchased the skirt in a UK size 10 as I wanted it to be a little loose rather than a tight mini skirt, also this helps to have more room on the waist when I tuck oversized jumpers into the skirt.

Why head to now?

1. Available in 3 different colours.
2. Good value for money.
3. Thin material and easy to move around in …

Black Leather - Look Riding Boots from New Look

In the last few weeks I have been on a "Boot Hunt" not a bear hunt... A boot hunt! I have been searching EVERYWHERE to find the perfect winter boots.

You may think I couldn't possibly need anymore boots and yes I agree but these aren't for any old reason, these are for work.. So it's acceptable to own another pair, right? ( I keep telling myself that anyway).

I had certain requirements the boots had to for fill:
- warm
- knee length / just under
- comfy
- black
- fit my legs
- reasonable price

Guess what? These boots ticked every requirement!

I absolutely fell in love, these boots are jet black leather look with gold buckle details.
The gold buckle at the top of the boots helps to adjust the size/ width of the boot which is great for me as my legs sometimes look silly in boots as they are quite skinny.

They have a zip on the inner side so you can put them on with ease and elastocated back.

Riding boots are a classic style and sometimes with my work style I like …

The "Lula dress" from Chi Chi London

Eeeeeek Party season is upon us and its time to get glam ready!

I have been extremely lucky to receive such a gorgeous dress from the beautiful Chi Chi London.
I have previously blogged about a stunning bridesmaid dress I wore in October and here I am blogging about another stunning dress.

This time the occasion was different... It was time to dress up and party and I felt quite the party princess.

This dress is full of stunning features from the beautiful delicate lace front and back, the navy silky feel, full of pleats and the netting underneath to give it a gorgeous shape.

It goes in at the waist and flares out just like a princess!

It has a side zip which helps you get into the dress and keeps the dress fitted.
I am a UK size 8/10 and the 8 fitted me well.

The dress is so pretty, looks delicate and is quite a statement.

This time I wore gold heels and a berry shade lipstick - I think navy and shades of berry really work well together and it was great combo for a party at this time…

Furry Pom Pom and embellished hat by Primark

The days are definitely getting colder and now I just want to wrap up warm and feel all snuggled... That's what winter and winter clothes are all about.

There is nothing better than warm oversized jumpers and large fleecy blankets, roaring fires and of course your trusty winter hat.

I haven't always been a massive hat Fan but over the last year I am slowly becoming addicted... Yes another addiction to add to the long list.

This weekend I didn't set out to get a hat but came across one that really caught my eye and after I popped it on my head, pranced in front of the mirror I then joined many other people in the the que and it was all mine.

The hat is grey and black, it has embellishment and the largest Pom Pom.

Naturally I couldn't wait to wear it the next day and teamed it with mainly black and my OTK grey boots.

Why should you head straight to Primark?

1. Excellent value for money.
2. Classic colours.
3. The biggest Pom Pom and embellishment makes it a statement ha…

Roberta ruffle layered crochet blouse from Bows Boutiques

If there's one thing I really really love... It's ruffles! I am seriously mad about them. They are girly, fun and pretty. Sometimes I feel I don't wear enough girly clothes as I like to keep my style simple and elegant.

This top is from the lovely Bows Botiques and is full of ruffles - I just couldn't resist!!

The top is totally versatile - I wore it to Afternoon tea with tight black leggings and black boots but this top would also be perfect for nights out with a black pencil skirt and black heels.

I definately recommend you wear something tight on your bottom half as the top is fairly loose and full of big ruffles.

I am a UK size 8/10 and I wore the 8/10 size and it fit me perfectly.

At the front the ruffles stop the top from being see through but at the back the top is plain (no ruffles) and you can slightly see your skin/ black bra straps through the crochet.
But be reassured it's not obvious /not that see through and still classy.

The top flares out and has g…

Kimmie floral embroidered rib jumper from Bows Boutiques

Trending right now is all things embroidery, on dresses, jeans, boots, tops, bags...the list doesn't stop!

I have really embraced this trend and every time I see something new I really want it.. I am trying not to go too overboard but it is proving to be hard.

My latest addition to my embroidery collection is this gorgeous jumper from Bows Boutiques.

It's absolutely stunning - the floral detail of colours - green, red, blush pink and nude are a great contrast on the black jumper.

The extra special detail for me was the faux pearls and diamonds that are intwined with the embroidery design..

The embroidery isn't all over the jumper which is nice as sometimes having too much makes it more difficult to style.

 The jumper has a lovely round neck, ribbed and baggy oversized style, it can be worn slightly off the shoulder.

It's great to wear with a pair of jeans and boots to look smart casj at the weekend OR can be worn for a dinner date with faux leather trousers and strapp…

Seamed Faux Leather trousers by Topshop

Every year (make a mental note of this) you NEED faux leather trousers in your wardrobe.


They are a classic trend every autumn/ winter.
They are hot.
They are stylish.
They can replace your trusty black skinny jeans.
They immediately add an edge to your look.

Need I go on?

This year I have myself took my own advice and invested in a new pair and this pair is from Topshop.

And I love them!!!

They are tight fitting, high waisted and they have a zip on the side... Do not get me started about the gorgeous warm lining.. Great for this time of year.

This time u styled my faux leathers with all black, a gorgeous sheer top and my Chanel boots - very rock n roll biker chic.

The trousers would also look great with a oversized chunky knit and flat studded boots, the beauty of these trousers is that you can literally wear and style the, how YOU like.

Why you should be investing in faux leathers from topshop?

1. Great price - mid range.
2. Slim fit - they really go in at the ankles which is …

Embroidered floral plumetis blouse by Bershka

During Autumn I love lace and sheer fabrics, they seem to add a little sass yet you still remain elegant.

I am not a massive fan of bearing all so for me delicate sheer fabrics and lace are the one.

My latest top is from on of my favourite shops... Bershka.

Admittedly I did the ultimate mistake of seeing it in store and then dreaming about it (if this happens to you - JUST BUY IT - you can always change your mind later).

Luckily I returned and managed to still get it :) yes big sigh of relief!!

The top is slightly cropped, it flares out on the body and has stunning floral embroidered detail (bang on trend) I absolutely love how delicate the embroidery is and it really works well with the dotty sheer material.

The sleeves are to dye for - so much detail for one top.

I am usually a UK 8/10 but I took a size medium for this top as sometimes Bershka clothing can come up a little small.

Why should you invest in this top?

1. Stunning design - delicate and full of detail, the embroidery is …

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

I have to say I am an extremely lucky girl to get my hands on Dysons Supersonic hairdryer.

I wouldn't say I am a massive technology queen and love all the latest gadgets but a hair dryer isn't quite a gadget it's something I use 2 - 3 times per week - it's a part of my routine.

My previous hairdryer I think I have had for roughLy 5 - 7 years and yes I was due an upgrade.

I ALWAYS take my hairdryer away with me - hotel hair dryers just do not work on my hair and in June I made the ultimate mistake of leaving it behind in the quest to travel lighter.... n e v e r  a g a I n. It took me an hour to dry my hair and was incredibly frustrating I left it behind because it was too heavy.

In August my blow dryer dilemma days became a thing of the past.

This hairdryer is extraordinary by design and is multifunctional.

There are;
- 3 magnetic styling attachments - a smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator and a diffuser.
- 3 airflow settings.
- 4 precise heat settings.
LED indic…

Earrings with tassels by H&M

Are you like me and every now and again lust after something "different"?

I literally always wear my gold heart earrings as they are a safe option and one less thing to worry about.

However I have recently been feeling differently and have wanted something much different than my safe option (well at least for the weekend).
Which leads me on to these earrings!!

Black and gold my favourite combo ... Of course they caught my attention.. I originally thought they looked funny... Then I thought "why not" I LOVE different, I love black and gold and I love tassels... So naturally I became their proud owner.

They made their debut on Saturday afternoon when I was going shopping late afternoon and then to a house warming party.

Admittedly I didn't have long to get ready as I was on a tight schedule but I was happy with my overall look and I am looking forward to wearing the earrings with my hair tied back when I hit the party season!

I absolutely loved wearing them with …

Red Diorific Matte Fluid by Dior

Every year I love to purchase the latest "in" red lipstick/ lip colour.
My collection is quite large and I always tend to steer towards a nice designer red... You could say it's my yearly treat and I find it's well worth it.
Saturday's purchase admittedly was an impulse one but its one I am soooo glad I got my hands on!
It's new for 2016, it looks so pretty AND it's limited edition.
Presenting to you the NEW Diorific Matte Fluid - colour 004 Luxury.

This gorgeous lip fluid, looks like a gloss (initially) but you will quickly learn it is more of a lip tint.
This colour looks much better after 2 - 3 layers depending on how red you want to go.. I love my lips to be bright red so I went for 3 applications.
It's incredibly easy to apply and can double up as a cheek tint which is a fab idea if you have limited space in your clutch on a night out.

Why should you invest in Diorific Matte Fluid?
1. Stunning red colour perfect for this time of year. 2. Limited…

The Portia Dress by Chi Chi Clothing

This year I was asked to be a bridesmaid by a very special couple...a very special woman who I met five years ago when our paths crossed in unfortunate circumstances (unfortunate at the time) which turned out to be a fortunate circumstance as I made a friend, a best friend for life. Not only was I completely honoured to be asked I was also sooo excited to know what dress would be chosen for the bridesmaids... I LOVE occasions and dressing up so you can imagine I was in my element.

Luckily for me the dress chosen was the Portia dress by Chi Chi (

The wedding took place in Santorini... Yes the most beautiful Greek island where everything was white and Blue.. The dress couldn't be anymore apt for the occasion.

I usually take a UK size 8/ 10  and in this style the 8 fitted perfectly.

I absolutely loved the Bardot style as I find it very complementary for my figure, with the colour being bold it adds elegance and a girly touch to the look.

There is a zip at the bac…

Black and gold unicorn choker from H&M - yes a unicorn choker!!

I am a big fan of chokers ( you may have noticed from my previous posts) but I really try to get chokers that are different/ stand out - this trend won't last for long so I have also tried to keep costs low and not over spending on this trend.

I am also a huge fan of unicorns. Yes unicorns. Why? Erm because they are the most magical creature and I loveeeee them.

What happens when you mix the both together? Yes you got it! A unicorn choker ❤️

This has to be one of my best finds to date - it's simple, it's black and gold, it's a unicorn on a choker - literally what more can I ask for?!

Reasons why you need this in your choker collection?

1. It's a unicorn choker.
2. It's a complete steel at just £1.99 from the "divided" range.
3. Magical yet super stylish.
4. Black and gold - goes with everything.
5. Can be worn day or night.

The minute I say this I knew I gad to have it... If you are crazy about unicorns then this choker seriously s the one for you!


My first weekend in November - Autumn inspo

This weekend was my first weekend I truly became excited about the change in weather.. In London it became much colder than recent days and I kept thinking its time to layer up!

I am a MASSIVE fan of over the knee boots (OTKB) they are a classic style each autumn/ winter and this weekend I created two looks with my flat OTKB's. I currently own 4 pairs - 2 are flat with one pair being grey and one pair are black lace ups, I also have two with heels - one dressy and one with chunky rubber heels I purchased last year... See mine are old but it's a great reason to invest... I wear them all year after year and the beauty is all high street shops stock different styles and colours.

I decided to keep the same theme for both Saturday and Sunday and that was;
- chunky knit jumper
- mini skirt
- over the knee boots
- maxi duster coat

From my pictures you can see that I alternated  my skirt and jumpers for each day..

Cream chunky knit jumpers are awesome for Autumn/ winter - they look c…