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simple by design High neck ribbed top - Bershkas autumn wardrobe staple

I'm sure most of you have gathered that Bershka is one of my preferred shops.. I bought a top recently from there and initially I wasn't going to blog about it but I have now changed my mind.

Fashion isn't just about statement peices it's also about everyday wear and classic or simple clothing.

This top I must share with you, it's gorgeous colour, simple design and soft feel has found its way in to quite a few of my weekend outfits.

I usually take a small/ medium and I bought this top in a medium as I wanted it to be a little more baggy on me.

Reasons why I am loving this High Neck Ribbed top:

1. The soft slinky feel made from viscous and 5% elastane - it's so soft and comfy. Can be easily worn casually or can be dressed up as displayed in my pictures.

2. The colour it really screams Autumn! This colour is absolutely gorgeous I am a massive fan - however it can be purchased in grey.

3. Simple by design. I love simple.

4. Excellent value for money.

Style tip - t…

A true classic - Le Pliage Backpack from Longchamp

I have always been a huge fan of Longchamp over the years mainly because they keep true to their brand and produce classic, timeless bags of several shapes and sizes.

They also release a more adventurous print every now and again to fit the season - I bought an amazing tiger print large Longchamp handbag several years ago in Nice, i still have it and it is stunning but it's not a bag I can use regularly - I like to save it and just use it now and again.

Longchamp have a classic range that is timeless and my recent purchase wasn't a handbag instead I opted for a backpack - the Le Pliage in black. It's such a great invention!

Can be folded into a tiny bag, great to take on vacations or used for weekends away/ shopping or even work..with these types of bags the options really are endless!

At the moment every look is completed with a rucksack... These bags do come in other colours but I always steer towards black as I feel it goes with a lot of the clothes I own and it's j…

It's ALL about the Zara dress - Embroidery is going to be huge next season!

I've started to become quite bored of summer wear and as each season comes to a slow end I am super excited for all the new trends to hit the shops.

In recent weeks I have found myself frequenting Zara A Lot A LOT! Their new season trend of all things embroidered has taken over the store like the plague and to be quite frank I am loving it.

Their styles are hugely based on the likes of Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana but the prices are a fraction and the quality is great!

I've already posted about my Zara bag inspired by Gucci and when I bought that I also bought the most sought after and magical dress I could possible own.

I held off from wearing my dress as I really wanted to wear it for the first time for something special and then I realised I could wear it for my first wedding anniversary getaway in the evening!

Just before this day I was reading ES magazine and saw that it has sold out! I couldn't believe it.. When I bought it there were so many - I didn't realise it…

The return of the Band Tee - I'm loving Stradivarius

Band Tee's are on the come back and I am absolutely loving Stradivarius and the ones they currently have in stock - this Band Tee really caught my eye! (I am also just loving the shop in general)

It's not any Band Tee it's a "Guns n Roses" band tee! Predominately black in colour and gorgeous gold writing. It has the red roses which add colour to the design.

I love T-shirts they are so easy to throw on and you can easily create different styles.

Band Tees were popular 4-5 years ago and they have made their come back just in time for Autumn/ Winter. This is great as black Tees and the rock look really mixes well with darker days and dark evenings.

Of course it's not quite Autumn and it's definitely not winter but I couldn't help wear this tee now and I wore it with a black tassel skirt and white platform pumps to go shopping.  

This T-shirt is oversized. I usually take a UK size 8-10 in t-shirts and a small fit perfectly.

Why buy this Tee.

1. It's…

Make a statement with THE oriental Bomber Jacket from Bershka

Bomber jackets are so hot right now but I decided a few months back if I would invest in this trend then the bomber jacket really must stand out, I have recently bought a floral one but when I found my new bomber jacket online from Bershka I knew I had to have it.

Since visiting Gucci in Milan I have been incredibly inspired by their new radical designs, the prints, embellishments, patches .. Everything including their signature green and red stripes.

Therefore I decided to base all my current styles and colour scheme on this and this bomber jacket fits with my current style. I'm not the biggest fan of shopping online unless I really have to, so I opted to buy this I store.

On my original visit I was heart broken as they had sold out! A week later I popped in not even thinking about the jacket and to my surprise there it was! The jacket comes up very small and can be purchased in xs, s and m. I am a UK size 8 -10 but I didn't want the jacket to be small on me as I prefer it to…

Bershka Bodysuits are on point!

Bershka is seriously one of my favourite high street shops, I first found it many years ago in Puerta Banus and was so shocked when they opened a store in Oxford Street London. Since then I really haven't looked back!

Everytime I go shopping I always head to Bershka, I literally always seem to find something in there and here I am blogging about my new find.

Everyone is still bodysuit crazy.. Including me. I have bought quite a few in the past year but I am constantly on the search for the next one.

At the moment I am all things green.. Yes green! Don't get me wrong Black Is My ultimate colour - I love black clothing but I go through phases until I utterly exhaust it.. So be warned and prepared a lot of green items will be up on the blog.

On Saturday I visited Bershka and I found a gorgeous green bodysuit WITH ruffles.. Ok yes - another obsession to add to my list - ruffle lover.. But They add such a girly touch - what's not to love?

Reasons why I reccomemd this bodysuit;

My favourite Chokers revealed - part 3 - Stradivarius

Part 3 all about chokers ...I am totally caught up on this trend and my new favourite shop just keeps on releasing more styles I love.

I have recently blogged about chokers.. Twice already BUT There is nothing wrong with sharing my latest find.

Again I have opted for a pack of chokers, just because one isn't enough and why have one when you can have 4 styles!

The last pack I shared with you was from Stradivarius and they were mixed - black, silver, pearls and faux diamonds which have really helped me in creating so many different looks however I realised I wear so much gold and I don't have many chokers with a hint of gold.

I returned to Stradivarius with a mission and yes I accomplished it.

In their shops their accessories/ chokers etc are usually positioned near their tills and their Chokers are super easy to find.

This particular set is looks more fierce and is black black which I absolutely love!

I bought these on Saturday afternoon and I have already worn half a pack! :) …

Limited edition patterned River Island backless loafers

I always find shoes are a great investment - they can immediately transform a look the minute you slip them on, so when I set out to buy new shoes they need to tick a few boxes and I ask myself the following....

- Do they make a statement?
- Will they mix and match well with my current wardrobe?
- Are they comfy?
- Will I get sufficient use of them?

My recent purchase answered yes to all mentioned above and there's extra brownie points with these shoes.

Following the trends from the designer houses River Island have launched a beautiful range of backless loafers inspired by Gucci.

I remember when I was around 13 years old and backless loafers were all the rage then and I loved them, so when I saw the return of the backless loafer you could say I was quite excited. It reminded me of when I was backless loafer obsessed I had them in lilac, baby blue, black and white... Yes a pair for every outfit!

This time round however I'm just dedicating myself to one pair and the fact they a…

My Gucci inspired Zara handbag - embroidered and oversized jewel details

One of my favourite shops has to be Zara and literally Everytime I go, there is always something lurking on the rails that catches my eye and screams buy me.

Zara is currently full of embroidery, jewels, sequins and oversized and flamboyant dresses and shirts  reflecting designs from the likes of Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci's present collections. To cut a long story short I wanted it all BUT I am realistic and I just choose a few pieces that I am totally crazy about.
This time it was THE handbag. I spotted it on a mannequin in the middle of the shop, I searched high and low and surprisingly I couldn't find it anywhere. You know that feeling when they don't have it and now you want it even more? I wanted the bag. I needed the bag. 
A shop assistant directed me to the changing rooms where the most helpful girl was, I described the hand bag and she knew exactly what I was talking about and responded with the dreaded line "sorry we have sold out" I was gutted until s…

Satin Ribbon and Nude Suede shoes! It has to be NYX cosmetics

Recently I have become quite obsessed with perfecting the perfect pout but then I feel like the whole world has gone a little lip mad.

I adore vibrant coloured lips but I am equally in love with luscious nudes and I have fallen into the whole matte lips look...

I recently purchased a vibrant lip cream from NYX and was impressed by how long the colour stayed so of course I returned and spent ages going through all the different types of lip products and I found THE perfect nude!

NYX Lingerie - Satin Ribbon liquid lipstick.

Reasons why I'm crazy about this liquid lipstick;

1. It's a gorgeous shade of nude - compared to a lot of other nudes I've come across this really is a beautiful colour. It blends in well and makes your lips look soft and flawless.

2. Matte finish - matte lips are so hot right now and especially nude tones.
Handy tip - apply some lip balm before applying a matte liquid lipstick to ensure it doesn't dry your lips out.

3. Accessible - In London you can …

PS...Embellish on trend Tattoos from Primark

Ps....I have a Secret... It comes in the form of  "Tattoo" transfers... I know what you are thinking... The last time you had a tattoo transfer was when you were a kid...yeh me too.. BUT Henna is such a hot trend one of which I can't actually take part in due to work commitments, so the next best thing is a transfer.. And the ones I have found are actually too good to be true!

 I first starting using these a week ago and I am seriously addicted. A lot of people actually thought I had Henna done!

Admittedly when you first put them on they do look quite fake but after a while they tone down and really adds an edge to your look.

With these "Tattoos" you get one sheet of various patterns and you can be creative as you like for £1.50 from Primark. I absolutely love the designs and I have used two tattoos to create a fuller "Henna" looking pattern on my hand.

It's such a great way to transform/ accessorise an outfit and it takes just 60 seconds! You can…