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KIKO - Unlimited stylo lipstick in Burgundy

Kiko has to be one of my favourite brands,
This year it has taken over my makeup bag - I have already bought so much from there and cannot speak highly enough about my brow pencil (already blogged about) or my crayon gloss pencils.

Every now and again KIKO run promotions and this is when I found this lipstick.

It was a few weeks back now but it's one of those colours that was just coming into season and really caught my eye.

For most of this year I have been creating fuller lips with different nudes and really fancied something a little different.

The lipstick has pretty silver packaging, very simple, stylish and elegant.

It's called - unlimited stylo 12 - burgundy - this lipstick is not only a gorgeous colour but is also long lasting, it has depth and can either look extremely glam or a slight hint of goth - it all depends on how you wear it.

I wore it on Friday with all black, a band tee and simple makeup, I felt abit gothic with all the dark deep colours and I loved it!


Stradivarius Cut-out track ankle boots

Are you a boots lover like me?

If you answered yes - keep reading!

I realised just this weekend, funnily enough whilst wearing these boots that Autumn is one of my favourite seasons... Why? The gorgeous colour leaves, green, golden yellow and red all delicately lining the roads is one of many reasons but also the chance to buy NEW boots!!!

I love boots. Ankle boots, knee boots, over the knee boots, flat boots, high heeled boots, studded, buckles.. You name it, I love it!

I normally stick to black boots and periodically I purchase brown boots but this season I am seriously addicted to burgundy/ dark red so guess what... I bought burgundy boots!

These boots are just gorgeous.. They have gold buckle detail and it's not just for show you can adjust these to your ankle size. There is also a zip on the inner side of the boots to be able to get them on and off with ease.

I am usually a size 4 (37) and these are true to size and fit me perfectly.

Top 5 reasons to purchase this beautiful …

The Classic cut long Trench coat from Bershka

As you might of guessed I am a HUGE fan of Bershka.. I love the shop and can't get enough of their trends each season.

Some trends however I like to keep classic and "The Trench Coat" truely is a classic every autumn.

The coat was used during the war and created specifically for soldiers and was mad iconic by top designer brands (are available in their stores in different designs all year round)

Whereas the high street shops realease their trench coats late August and early September.

When I saw this one from Bershka I really loved it... I mainly want to use it for work but no doubt I will be rocking it at the weekend too..

Here's why I reccomemd this trench coat from Bershka:

1. Classic style you can wear each autumn therefore you need to invest in a good quality Trench.

2. Good value and good quality - this in my opinion is mid range. There are quite cheap trench coats and also some very expensive ones.. This is your in between.

3. Classic colour - can be worn wit…

A little spray of luxury - Decadence by Marc Jacobs

Every time I go away or my husband goes away I tend to buy/ receive a new perfume... So much so my collection is growing faster than I'm using them.. And my beautiful glass shelf in my bathroom is becoming quite congested!

My recent purchase and new found love is a special perfume by Marc Jacobs and the beauty about this one is its too precious for my glass shelf and instead has taken pride of place on my dressing table... Ooh special I know!

The perfume will now always remind me of my trip to Santorini as it purchased it on the way back as a little cheeky treat and this perfume is - Marc Jacobs - Decadence.

Decadence - meaning " unrestrained or excessive self - indulgence"

That's exactly what this perfume is, its pricey, it comes in a gorgeous green velvety box with gold writing.

The actual bottle itself is pure luxury.. And resembles Marc Jacobs iconic shaped bag with a gorgeous gold chain and a black silk tassel.. Can you see why it deserves to be on my dressing …

Game changer Alert! Cleopatra's Kiss highlighting Palette from Sleek

Over the last year I have found myself immersed in highlighting palettes, creams, powders.. You name it and I am willing to give them a go, like most women are because highlighting has never been so important! 
I recently saw a picture of Sleeks Cleopatra's Kiss highlighting palette on Twitter and when I saw it I WANTED it.. I hunted it down in my local town and purchased it from Boots.

The outside packaging is very simple and you have to ensure you select the right palette.

The palette is encased in gold and looks gorgeous in my makeup bag and would look stunning if you have a dressing table.. It is very simple but bold.

The actual highlighters themselves are just stunning, magical colours.. I love everyone of them and on the back of the packaging are handy steps On how to use each colour.

The picture on the left Represents the true colours and my favourite shade is Sphinx to highlight across my brow bone - it's a gorgeous velvety gold colour.
I also love using Dynasty shimm…

Pull and Bear "mom" jeans get a 10/10 from me

Most weekends I tend to live in jeans... And I know I'm not alone on this but no matter how hard I try to steer away from them somehow I keep running back to them.. I find them versatile and comfy so it's only natural to reach for them when getting dressed.

However when I do buy a NEW pair which isn't actually that often.. I have to make sure they are "the one" and for ages I have been on the hunt for a perfect pair of "mom" style jeans and couldn't believe my luck when I found them in Pull and Bear and have been wearing them every weekend since :)

Here's why I loooooove my new "mom" jeans;

- These jeans are high waisted - great for all seasons.
- Fasten with buttons at the front - makes a change from faffing around with zips!
- Have turn ups that can be higher or lower depending where you want them to sit on your leg but love the fact they go Tighter at the bottom of your leg.
- Baggy style - because weekends can be comfy yet stylish…

"Not that kind of girl" slogan hat from Zara - uh-mazing!!

At the weekend I had to quickly pop to Zara to pick up something for my mum and whilst browsing I had the best impulse purchase EVER! This hat!!

I have to confess I popped it on just for a laugh as I loved the slogan "not that kind of girl" and after a few random stares I decided I wanted it.

I have recently purchased a hat for this autumn/ winter but this one is different (same shape) but gorgeous gold writing and slogans on hats are huge right now,

This gorgeous hat really works well with my military embroidered Zara jacket and loved wearing both pieces together on Sunday.

This hat can be purchased in different sizes.. I bought a small and it's still a little loose but I prefer it that way rather than being too tight.

These hats are not clearly displayed so if you fancy grabbing one be sure to check the accessories stands around the shop.

Here's why EVERYONE needs this hat is their life;

1. Autumn and winter is what hats are made for.
2. Classic black and goes with…

Make space in your wardrobe for Zara's Military embroidered jacket inspired by Dolce and Gabbana

I'm toooo excited about this jacket and for some reason my blog has been playing up which has delayed me in sharing it...But... Never fear I am back and Here it is.

This jacket literally is my life right now.. From my favourite place ZAra and based on the on trend military style from Dolce and Gabbana it is full of detail, full of class and fashion at its finest!

The jacket is nicely tailored and size small fits me perfectly, it looks fitted but there is room for a thin jumper if need be.

It's style is military (can sometimes be mistaken for Michael Jackson) but what I adore is that it is the military style mixed with the recent embroidery craze.. So that's basically two trends in one.

It's is black which is perfect as I usually find military jackets come in navy therefore this makes it easier to style.

It has gorgeous red piping, large gold buttons and gold embroidered prints.

The military look comes in fashion every autumn so this jacket is an adapted version of the…