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Leopard print A - Line midi skirt from Marks and Spencer's

The day before Mother's Day I had to pop to Marks and Spencer's ... Not for this skirt.. For flowers of course.

I love their flowers so much and I picked up the most Georgous roses for my mother (leading onto how I got to this skirt) so there I was at the till point ready to pay and THIS skirt caught my eye.

I did a double take, ummed and arrrd... The cashier was ready to serve me when I asked her to hang on whilst I grabbed the skirt of the rails.

I ran to a mirror and pictured it with a white top, blazer and black shoes for work.. The rest as you know is history.

Needless to say, I am a fan of animal print.

I am not a huge fan of colours but leopard print seems to be a key print that catches my eye and really transforms my wardrobe.

It adds life, sass and is consistently a classic print between seasons.

The skirt has an elasticated waist and the length is midi..

I've only recently started to wear midi skirts which makes me super excited to wear this one.

Recently Marks …

Madness studded boots from Topshop

Infactuated. Obsessed. In love.

Can you feel that way about a pair of boots?
Well when you find yourself frantically phoning Selfridges to see if the Topshop concession still have THE boots that have sold out online then the answer is yes.

Yes I feel that way about these boots.
Maybe seeing them sold out made me want them more? Who knows. Who cares. They are mine and I cannot wait to run them into the ground.

I even want them in black but again they are sold out!!!

So why blog about them? They might come back... Or if not then take these boots as inspiration.

They are sooooooo me. I love the fact they are cut out - veryVogue and I can't forget the fact they are full of studs. Statement or what!!

With these boots the first time I wore them I wore lots of pearls and a cluster of diamanté rings ..... So rock n roll I know.

The boots do come at a price BUT these boots can be worn from now until autumn in my eyes.

The western style is in - so if you pass these in a Topshop near you.. …

Sweatshirt with flowers embroidered on the sleeve from Bershka

Ever since the explosion of floral embroidery I have been in a trance wanting it all. However I have held back and only purchased key peices in fear that the trend will pass and I will be stuck with heaps of clothes off trend.

BUT then Bershka dropped this jumper and this was one of those items that I permitted myself to have because it is SOOO pretty!

It's like a really light mint colour jumper with delicate detailed sleeves.

The sleeves are a light dotty detail with gorgeous floral e,broader in blue, pink and green.

The sleeves are bell sleeves which seem to huge this year.

I wasn't previously a fan but I seem to like them more and more and it really adds to the style of this jumper.

I must say it is very girly and is the epitome of spring.

This jumper I can team with distressed jeans, pearls and nude colour palette makeup. I can picture it now.

Great value, gorgeous colour, pretty details and epitome of spring - this is this months must have from my favourite place - Bersh…

Chanel dupe Braided Ballerinas from Zara

I am a huge Chanel fan - it's literally my favourite designer for several reasons, the classic style, the use of monochrome, pearls, tweed and the history.

However it's hard to keep up with Chanels prices so I have found THE BEST Chanel dupes.

These gorgous shoes are from my other favourite place -Zara.

They are monochrome braided ballerinas at a fraction of the price.

They have padding in the sole, round toe and cute white bows (very Chanel)

I love finds like this and the minute I saw them I knew I would love a pair...

I am a huge lover of monochrome and I cannot wait to wear these with black skinny jeans, an oversized shirt and a few rows of faux pearls.

These are brand new from Zara and they will go like hot cakes!!

Why should you invest in these Chanel dupes?

1. Monochrome goes with pretty much everything.
2. Look like Chanel pumps.
3. Comfy.
4. Classic style.
5. Great for spring/ summer 17.
6. Excellent value for money.
7. Comes in all black.

Grab yours here ....quickly!…

Oversized Fishnet ankle socks black - Miss Guided

The fishnet fad is getting bigger and bigger each day and they are being worn all kinds of ways, under ripped jeans, pulled up and worn high waisted, with strappy heels and dresses.

It's one look I've shy'ed away from yet I really like the look of fish nets and yes I wore this look a few years back, in fact I had khaki knee high fish nets that I loved to wear and I found them again.

BUT it was time to invest and I really just wanted the sock version. It's crazy enough without being too crazy.

So whilst I was shopping in Miss Guided - not the online store, the newly opened shop in Westfield Stratford.

I asked the girl working and she grabbed me some pairs from the back, lucky I asked! I couldn't find them anywhere else.

I've had them a few weeks and today I finally wore them! AND I loved them!!!

I rocked them with a gingham dress, jean jacket an biker boots.

It was very Rock chic.... One of my fave looks ... I love it looking a bit grungy.

They immediately tran…

Denim jacket with ties from Bershka

Now the weather is getting slightly warmer.... Long gone are the parkas and I've put away the faux fur and instead there's a new jacket on the scene... It's my Betshka jean jacket.

I saw it online (well my Bershka App) and really really fancied it.


It's oversized and as I'm getting older .. Eek ha.. I like things to be looser and oversized.. I just feel more confident and this jacket ticked that box.

It also has THE most amazing detail on the back.

Anyone who knows me will know I AM crazy about back detail and the beauty of this is that it is black ribbon that almost look like kisses and they tie into beautiful bows on the sleeves, and guess what - I love Bows too!!!

Sleeve detail is on trend at the moment and this is the perfect combo.

With the jacket having the ribbon running through I would definitely dress it up for a night out as well as wearing it casually.

Around the collar and on the denim there are slight rips to give it a distressed look.

I have rol…

Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar from Lush

If you keep up with my posts you will know I recently lost my Lush virginity... And if you didn't know .. Now you do.

Only a few weeks ago I picked up two items from Lush and of course I used the bath bomb and it as time to use my reusable bubble bar.

As stated before this year is more me. Which means do things I enjoy and helps me to relax. Baths are obvious but with Lush they are even better.

Why did I choose this bath bar?

It's a pink FLAMINGO.. Things can't get better than that! To me it reminds me of summer and all things happy.

A bath bar can be reused! I did love my bath bomb but after one bath it was gone... At least with this, I enjoyed it and can enjoy it again.

You simply run a bath and then using the ice lolly type stick to wave the bath bar up and down the bath several times to release the bar into the water.

After a few swirls the bath water started to turn pink and white ... It literally is a magical bath!

The whole room smells so good and is definitely rel…

Breakfast at Aubaine Selfridges

Those that keep up with my blog know about my recent trip to Aubaine where I had lunch with my mother.

Well here I am writing about breakfast at Aubaine because I simply cannot get enough.

From the minute we arrive we are pleasantly greeted and welcomed.. I request the back of the restaurant as that's where the black and white tiles are and all the cascading flowers. I just love it.

We Sat down and the breakfast menu is presented nicely on the table and there's lots to choose from but I immediately knew what I wanted.

I went for the French toast (it is my favourite breakfast) accompanied with blueberries drenched in syrup and cream and of course couldn't start the day without a latte!

The latte comes with one shot, just how I like it and it wasn't too hot it burns your mouth. It was topped off with latte art.

The French toast was light and fluffy and the topping was seriously good... Again I'm dreaming of my next visit.

The ambience of the restaurant is lovely, pe…

Oversized long sweatshirt with poplin sleeves from Zara

Currently - on trend are jumpers that appear to have some form of shirt attached to it and I LOVE it!!

Especially this one purchased from Zara as its soo differently and yes I lov bring different... It needs to have a wow factor otherwise it's just another jumper to the collection.

I was just a the counter when this beaut jumper caught my eye and I ran, got my size and threw it into my pile,

Why did it catch my eye?

The colour - it looks so fresh. The combo of the crisp white poplin sleeves against the mink jumper. I love neutral colours and this is perfect to wear during the transition of winter to spring.

The second reason was the fact I saw some bits dangling off of it and yes I love stuff like that. Either it makes it more girly or adds a hint of "fashionista" - turns out the dangly bits were the ties rouching the poplin sleeve.

Does it look dramatic? Yes! Do I need it. Yes! It's mine.

Due to bad weather and other outfit choices I haven't test manger to wear…

Dior dupe flat shoes with bow detail from Zara

I have to say Zara are releasing some of the hottest shoes right now at unbelievably great prices.

These beauty's are Dior dupes at a fraction of the price.

I love the oversized bow detail and these are perfect for work.

I am a size 4 and in Zara their shoes are always true to size and I purchased these in a size 4 (37)

I am all about power dressing but with a twist (comfy power dressing) And the forecast for fashion trends in the up and coming season is to encourage women and pier dressing.

These are perfect!!!

The shoes are from the Zara Basic range and can be purchased on line.

I can't wait to wear these with pencil skirts and wrap shirts or smock dresses.

Why do you need Dior dupes?

1. Dior is turning more adventurous and have released new designs - especially the oversized bow trend.
2. Bows are beautiful, playful and girly
3. These shoes mean business.
4. Dior dupes
5. Excellent value for money

Kick Start your power dressing style with these;

Flat shoes with Bow detail f…