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Boohoo Bodysuit obsession

This year I have rekindled an old flame of mine - the Bodysuit!

Every so often I find myself going bodysuit mad and I think it's that time again and this time round it has been with I bought one just before Christmas and have worn it a couple of times and purchased one again a couple of weeks ago.

Why am I becoming obsessed again?
Why not! They are currently the rage, come in all kinds of designs and are a good piece to mix up with different styles. They are super comfy to wear and can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down with a pair of jeans - either way they are a must for your wardrobe!

My recent find was the "Sophie Wrap Front Halter Neck Bodysuit" in black. (Currently I am all things black) but once the colder weather passes I would love to get the same bodysuit in another colour. I wore this to surprise birthday party and black is always a winner.

I loved the fact it had a low back and the front being a halter neck kept the bodysuit tight and f…

Graphic jumper trend for New York Fashion week

With New York fashion week well underway, I couldn't help but immerse myself into fashion fantasy by constant Instagram and Twitter uploads. Reading and scanning images of who attended, what they wore and of course the trends for Fall/ Winter 2016.
With New York being one of my favourite cities and A lover of all things fashion I couldn't help myself but wear something New York inspired.

Sometimes I like to keep my weekend style casual and relaxed so I recently invested in jumpers from various shops on Oxford Street to carry me through the end of winter and into early spring.

This particular jumper caught my eye in Forever 21 - with its monochrome style and simple statement "Madison Avenue. New York City".

It's Brilliant white screamed spring/ summer and once I picked it off the rail I didn't want to let go.

I usually take a size Small or Medium but I am currently loving all things oversized so I opted for size Large. Even though it's large it still appe…

Looking to create the perfect pout? Look no further than Mac

For a few years now I have been an avid wearer of bright lip sticks. I have worn pinks, reds and orange tones from all brands but had never succumbed to the Mac cosmetic trend. 
At the end of January I took a trip to Selfridges where I found myself immersed in the Chaos of the Mac beauty counter full of women trying and testing all the makeup. A young girl approached me and directed me to the lipsticks and talked me through all the colours they had to offer. For once I wasn't interested in the bright reds or sugary pinks I was immediately drawn to the shiny nude tones. 
Trying all the different nude lipsticks I came across a gorgeous one called "Blankety" it's soft shiny nude colour looked as though I had just licked a perfect set of pearly lips But I didnt stop there, I started to test a lot of lip liners too. 

I found a light brown colour lipliner called "Stripdown" and I haven't looked back ever since!

The combination of the two products helps to giv…

Feeling Forever 21 with my latest cluster ring purchase

A few years ago I took a trip to LA and discovered "Forever 21". It had all the latest fashion at incredibly low prices, so you can imagine how I felt when it landed in the UK.

On Friday I took a trip to Oxford Street where there is a large "Forever 21" and I couldn't wait to get in and explore. Admittedly I left with a few items but my favourite was just £4.50!

On the first floor they have a large selection of jewellery. Necklaces, bangles, bracelets, sunglasses, shoes, scarfs..everything! For a while I have interested in a silver cluster of rings and the set pictured on the left really caught my eye.

For £4.50 you get 7 rings in alternative sizes. I was going to wear them on my left hand but really liked the look of them with my wedding and engagement rings.

The rings are extremely comfy to wear and are available in 2 sizes S/M and M/L. Out of the 7 rings 4 of them have an individual design and intricate detail considering the price.

After purchasing the set …