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My new autumn work shoes - Penny loafers with pearls

Autumn to me is all about revamping that work wardrobe.

I class it like "Back to school" except I'm not in school.. maybe its more like "Back to work" without the 6 week holiday!

Instagram and Facebook are no longer fuelled by friends holiday pictures and instead we see proud parents/ friends/ family members sharing their children first day at school pics.

Many people have expressed they start fresh in September like children returning to school.. and I want to put it out there - so do I which means NEW WORK SHOES!!

At this time of year I love black work works best with all weather types and patent is always IN.

The Penny Loafers with pearls where a natural choice.

I absolutely love the style of these shoes because:

- They 100% remind me of Chanel.
- Patent is a classic autumn/ winter must have.
- They have this seasons "must have" addition of pearls (this has been mine and my mums signature look for a few years now) this season they are IN…

Ruffled shirt dress in oil from Zara - (Mustard dress)

Zara calls this colour oil - I call it mustard.

And I am totally in love with this colour right now.. I feel its one of those colours that seems to suit all hair colours and can be styled in so many creative ways.

I found this number from Zara (seems to be my main shop at the moment)

The one thing I don't want to do is go over board with this colour but by buying a dress it will be easy to keep reinventing looks which is what I'm all about with my maternity look as it can be costly to keep shopping for clothes (especially when they hopefully won't fit me once baby is here!)

With this dress I decided to wear it to my nephews baptism and threw on my Chanel ankle boots, oversized Topshop maxi coat and statement earrings.

As the day wasn't too cold I found this outfit worked perfectly but when it gets colder I aim to wear this dress with over the knee boots or biker boots with knee socks.

The dress has three quarter length sleeves, sits just above the knee and has button …

Leather ankle boots with metallic detail from Zara

Im embracing autumn like theres no tomorrow.

Im already on my second pair of ankle boots - admittedly I bought them on the same day.. I really couldn't help myself.

I do have an issue where I see something, decide not to get it and then spend ages thinking about it and how I should have bought it - do you do that?

This is how the story of my Zara boots begins.. I saw them in passing when I went to Zara to buy a jacket and I thought I would be really good and not over indulge. Then I couldn't stop thinking about them. I stalked the website and finally returned in store where I grabbed them and ran to the till point.

Why did I have to have them?

They are sturdy and robust.. and as my sister would say "they look like real bother boots".

This autumn I am aiming for that biker chic vibe, my focus has now turned to my maternity look and I am loving chunky boots mixed with dresses.. no doubt as it gets colder I will opt for chunky boots, leggings and oversized jumpers.


Stradivarius embroidered leather boots

Finally boots season is upon us!! Officially my favourite time of year.. I have so many boots but every year I need to get a new pair or two, or three ... ok ok I have already bought two but these are a slightly different style to what I usually buy.

They are higher than the ankle and more robust biker style boots.

I love the edge they can give to any look and my style for this autumn is to have dresses with biker boots.

Why do I have a style? every year I tend to concur up a style in my head and then I go and buy what I can to achieve it.

This autumn with being pregnant.. YES pregnant! I have decided I must stay fashionable yet a little more practical.

When I saw these boots I love everything about them..

- The length - so versatile they can be worn with skinny jeans/ leggings/ smock dresses/ midi dresses/ skirts.... I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

I LOVE the gold details on the buckles, usually boots have silver details and the embroidery just topped it off …

THE embroidered velvet Zara dress

Im so glad summer is over.

I have several reasons why and Im contemplating writing about it all but for now its too raw.

Instead I said to myself to forget the summer, forget the fact I haven't been able to blog for a few months and instead look forward to the future..with the future being autumn my favourite season and the fact I'm pregnant.

For me this means a new wardrobe, blacks, Burgundy, velvet... you name it I want it. yes I'm obsessive like that.

So much so in August I purchased my first autumn dress.. AND its still available.

It could only be from one place..ZARA!!

I am absolutely loving smock dresses, embroidery is still going strong and throw on some tassels and you have a winning formula.

Its navy in colour with the most gorgeous floral embroidery in oranges and pinks - it definately has that 70s vibe.

The first time I wore it (so far only time) I paired it with my tanned cowboy boots.. this dress definitely works well with boots as it is on the shorter side.