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My Bershka stylish tracksuit - perfect for the airplane And weekend casuals

I am very fortunate to be blogging from the beautiful island of Santorini... Where the sky is blue, the sea is clear and the buildings are white.. I am sitting on my terrace watching the sun set and things couldn't be more perfect.

Although my post is less about the island and more about my choice of outfit for my traveling - or as I like to call it my "airplane look" because let's face it you only wear it to get to your destination.

This time round all I wanted to be is casual and comfy, the flight was around 3.5 hours for me which isn't that long but I had a very early start and needed something I could throw on so I chose a Bershka Tracksuit. Yes Bershka is one of my favourite shops and yes I bought a gorgeous tracksuit from there.

I don't usually opt for track suits but I like to dress in all kind of styles and A few days After purchasing my tracksuit I saw Rosie Huntington Whitley sporting a tracksuit at the airport.. If it's good enough for her the…

Zara's take on the Gucci Princetown Leather Slipper trend

To be totally honest with you I have shocked myself on this purchase from Zara.

In recent weeks fur sliders and fur slippers have been taking over my Instagram feed and I never understood them.

I still don't understand why you would add fur to sliders but I have come round to the idea of fur slippers.

Here are mine I am proudly presenting from Zara.

I have seen the Gucci ones so many times and whilst in Zara I thought I would give them a cheeky try on and now look what's happened... They now live with me!

I honestly am shocked but seriously when you put them on you will not want to take them off.... The comfort!! So now I get this trend!

These Zara shoes are an excellent way to get the current Gucci Princetown Leather slipper look for less. These are Lined leather mules.

This trend won't be around for ever but are this seasons must haves!
So trendy, chic and different you would be mad not to splash out and treat yourself to these.

The faux fur trim is around the heel and …

This Autumn / winter grab yourself a hat from H&M

If there is one accessory you MUST HAVE this autumn/ winter it's a hat.

Not your typical beanie hat with Pom poms but a gorgeous and super stylish wool hat.

I got mine from the Divided range at H&M, when the lady asked if I wanted a bag I said "no thanks I will wear it now" I literally couldn't help myself I love it so much, I walked out the shop with it on.

My particular hat comes in 3 sizes which is great as everyone's head sizes vary.

It is premium quality of felted wool which is fab to keep your hair warm.

I just love the edge it gives my outfits and can't wait to really be creative in the coming months.

Do you need a hat this a/w 16?
Your answer is yes and here's why you should buy yours from H&M:

1. It comes in black - this is the best colour as it goes with everything and you can really get your use out of it.
2. Excellent value for a hat.
3. Made of felted wool which will keep you warm and also has a grosgrain band detail which makes it l…

Vintage mosaic neck scarf -,A Stradivarius must have

I'm extremely excited to share this gorgeous find from Stradivarius.

Yes it's just a neck scarf but it has to be the most stunning design I have com across.

This scarf is called the "Vintage Mosaic Neck Scarf" it is full of detail and gorgeous colours.

Atm I absolutely love patterned tiles/ mosaic tiles.. Any type of Middle Eastern print and this home interior obsession it's starting to impact on my wardrobe and my accessories.

Being half Persian might have a lot to do with my love for these patterns and I just love to embrace my heritage every now and again.

I first wore the scarf on Saturday with a lace up bodysuit, high waisted jeans and backless loafers. The scarf can also double up as a shawl.

The cute tassels around the edges add to the ethnic style.

Reasons why you shouldn't miss out on this neck scarf?

1. Excellent value for money.
2. Full of pattern and coloured detail - black, white, red, blue, yellow.
3. Gorgeous mosaic touch - very Middle easter…

PRIMARK retro 70s floral print shirt - Excellent value for money

New season, new clothes....but this time I'm talking workwear.

I love being creative with my workwear, recently I have added ribbons and brooches to up style old shirts and whilst I am loving creativity and the looks I've  created, I fancied something a little more loud.

Recently we have seen embroidery and gingham taking over the high street shops and I have been craving something different.

PRIMARK... Is where I found this gorgeous chiffon shirt.. I picked it up and knew it would look fab with all black and touches of gold.. There I was ...sold, it's mine.

Looking into the details it reminded me of the pyjama look that is hot right now, where the top has black piping around the Edges it definitely resembles the look.

It has material attached to create a stylish bow, pussy bows are a massive hit, I'm bow obsessing atm.

I chose size 8 - this material /look is meant to hang off you... so I was pleased the 8 looked great as I am usually size 8 -10 in tops.

The floral pr…

The £1.50 Matte Lipstick from PRIMARK

The latest trend that has been game strong for a while now is Matte lips, it used to be all about high shine and glossy lips but there are put and matte lips are IN.

I have slowly been building up my matte lipstick collection but I never really thought my next purchase would have been PRIMARK and I definitely didn't imagine it would cost just £1.50.

I am totally crazy about all kinds of nude shades so I picked the one pictured ( it's looks more of a brown tone in the picture but comes out lighter on your lips).

I was sceptical purchasing this lipstick but I was pleasantly surprised and here's why;

1. The price is too good to be true... So reasonably priced.
2. Matte lips are hot right now - usually matte lipsticks can feel quite dry on your lips but this one actually keeps your lips quite moisturised.
3. Scented - it actually smells yummy - I think there may be vanilla notes in it.
4. The packAging - looks great, stylish and sleek.
5. Various colours in the range.

My favourite chokers revealed part 4 - River Island chain detail

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly invest in anymore chokers ..I happened to stumble into River Island and instantly fall in love with this choker.

Most of my chokers are black with silver details, I have a couple with gold details but this choker is so different from the others, more gold, more delicate and more detail...I just had to get it.

On Saturday night I had a birthday party to go to and decided to recycle one of my fave River Island pleather skirts from last year and a black tee - I completly revamped my look with this one choker.. It's amazing how small details can really make a big difference.

I love this choker because.....

1. More details than my other chokers - it has a small gold coin and chain detail that also looks quite ethnic. I am a huge fan of all things Middle Eastern/ ethnic... It might just be because I'm half Persian. But the small gold

2. Black and gold - my two favourite colours. Gold can look very warming in Autumn and winter. Sometimes si…

Topshops Contrast Panel Duster Coat

Darker nights are starting to set in, as we wave goodbye to summer... Autumn is finally here!

I have to admit I really love summer vibes but I ALWAYS love the start of a new season, I don't often tend to buy colours so summer tends to be quite tricky for me.

I love autumn and winter as you can literally stay classic  (safe)  with my favourite colour "black".
I have to admit I started buying Some of my new season clothes in mid August :)

The weather seemed to stay quite warm so I have been delayed in wearing/ blogging about this stunning Topshop Contrast Panel Duster Coat. Until Saturday happened.

I went for a dark grungy glam look - the coat swishes as you walk and has details that sets it apart from the rest.

The pockets and the arms are a mesh style fabric which contrasts against the rest of the coat.

Reasons why this is a must have this season:

1. Long dusters are the one.
2. It's oversized and I love oversized clothes for autumn and winter.
3. Great for autumn da…

Up style your wardrobe with River Island brooches

A new season is upon us...

I can't believe it's Autumn already but with this in mind - a new season calls for a new style.

I can't sit still I absolutely love being inspired and equally inspiring others!

I am constantly on Instagram and Twitter and I love sharing my looks and seeing what the designers are doing and then setting about creating the look for less.

My new work look has been adding a big silk bow to a crisp white shirt... Pussy bows are back and you can immediately get the look by visiting your local habidashery.

I loved the look so much but I still wanted a little more attention to detail.. I saw a picture on Gucci's Instagram AND it immediately inspired me.

Although the picture was a male model I knew I could create the same style with a feminine all i needed were some brooches.

I had this look in my mind but I really didn't know where to find the right brooches... Until I visited one of my favourite shops .. River Island. They had a few…

The most desirable reversible bomber jacket from Topshop!

Bomber jackets have been a huge wardrobe staple this year and it looks as though the style will carry on into autumn and winter.

High street shops continue to produce more designs with more details but this one from Topshop really caught my eye.

I already have an oriental patterned bomber jacket but this one has embroidery which saw a return in summer and will be heavily used this autumn.

The details are gorgeous - on the monochrome side there is a large Tiger on the back - Gucci has used Tigers recently on their custom made leather jackets and bomber jackets so this really enticed me.

The other reason I fell instantly in love is the fact that this bomber jackets reversible! YES 2 bomber jackets for the price of 1! The other side is a gorgeous electric blue!

Even though Both sides look remarkably similar by design the colours are very different.

The black, white and red is incredibly striking and I would probably tend to wear this side more in the evenings. Whereas the electric blue,…