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Tropic Heat Highlighter in 02 Active Peach from KiKO

KIKO has to be one of my favourite cosmetic shops.

They are always releasing great products and have some great beauty staples.

I tend to always purchase my eyebrow pencil from there and their lipgloss crayons.

I can guarantee when I go to restock I always end up with more than I intended and this time I bought THE most amazing highlighter.

The Highlighter is apart of their Tropic Heat capsule collection to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

when I played around with their testers and did some swatches I knew I had to get the 02 Active Peach colour.

This is a gorgeous special memory formula. It feels like gel when you dab your finger in the pot and when you apply to your cheek bones it feels like a cool gel that turns into a non sticky highlighter.

It is a striking rose gold colour that really makes a statement and great for summer cheeks.

The day I bought it I had to wear it on a night out and it adds subtle drama to a simple look.

I like to focus on cheeks and brows and KIKO are the…

My stay at The Landmark London Hotel

This weekend I stayed at the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.

This 5 star luxury hotel is directly opposite Marylebone Station and has two entrances. the entrance at the front offers Valet parking and quick access to checking in.

Upon arrival the staff were all friendly and informative and we were extremely pleased to hear that we had been upgraded free of charge.

Exited to get to the room we went straight up and didn't Stop to look around the hotel simply because we couldn't wait to see what upgrade we had been treated to.

We stayed in the Marylebone Studio suite.

Entering we fell in love. We had a lounge complete with a sofa, a large sitting chair, a desk with mirror and leather chair, a TV and coffee machine.
And let's not forget our bottle of champagne (Apart of our package)

There were large Juliet balcony windows that over looked the Landmarks BEAUTIFUL Winter Garden which if you didn't know is made up of Palm Trees. Here you can eat breakfast, afternoon tea and din…

Spliced D Ring Midaxi Dress from Topshop

Presenting to you the statement dress of this summer!!!

I am currently ditching my jeans in favour of more dresses and floaty skirts.

I don't see myself as being that girly and I have spent so many years wearing jeans and a top and yes its finally got the better of me and I can't do it any longer.

I NEED pretty dresses and skirts - life is short and I want to mix things up.

Anyway enough of me and more about this dress.

The minute I saw it I loved it.

Heres why -

1. The dress is a mixture of two prints - whats not to love about that?
2. It has a split at the front which makes walking easy, the dress flows and it isn't all one length either.
3. Ruffle details - eeeeeeeek - Love it.
4. Back detail of criss cross lace up - it adds the final touch.

I find the dress is flirty and fun and I can't wear it to the max.

Dresses like these I love to wear biker boots/ studded boots or anything heavy to contrast the pretty and delicate theme.

The first time I wore the dress I…

Heart shaped Miu Miu sunglasses

New year. New sunglasses.

Every year I love to get a new sunnies and I don't care where from... It can be from Forever 21 high street store to a designer store.. It depends what grabs me and what looks good.

This year is the year of Miu Miu.

Why Miu Miu?

Their designs are quirky and out there and I wanted a break from the normal designers.

These are not like your regular sunnies these are heart shaped, quirky, classic Miu Miu and elegant.

If you purchase from a Miu Miu concession/ boutique then the glasses will be packaged in their classic dusty pink and gold bag with ribbon.

The sunglasses come in a velvety hard case and also has a soft case which is quite rare when buying sunglasses from designers it's usually one or the other.

They have a black heart shaped frame and gradient lense, a soft gold detail and white.

Why should you invest in Miu Miu?

1. They are fun and flirty.

2. Key investment peice if your looking for something different.

3. Classic Miu Miu style - won't…

Eva Large Tote from Skinny Dip London

Do you ever pick up something just to see what it looks like in the mirror and then fall deeply madly in love?

It tends to happen to me quite a lot but this time it was something I don't usually go for.

This bag is very much a statement and I initially thought -Great for holiday/ possibly beach bag.

I found it in Topshop in Westfield Stratford in their Skinny Dip section and as I had a Topshop voucher I couldn't resist.

I love the fact the bag is a different tone in the light - predominately green with a hint of gold and blue - I call it my bag of dreams and I feel like the mermaids will be after me.

Incase you didn't know as I tend to ramble on - I just love telling stories.. Anyway I have decided to use this bag for the WEEKEND - to be honest I cannot wait for the summer thats just silly it will be wasted!!

Its really hard to show the beauty of this bag but I can tell you it was a huge hit when I wore it because no joke 3 independent girls asked me where I got it from.

Military jacket with details from Bershka

I have been deliberating over the last few months whether to join in with the army trend or not.

Why has it taken me a few months? 

When I was younger I LOVED army/ military and camo print infact I had it all, all the works and I was totally obsessed - I was quite a tomboy and I just couldn't get enough.
It now seems to be evident it is on the return and I'm not going to lie I get flash backs of being a younger me.

Then I realised theres nothing wrong with that AND I love this style and so I've bought what I think is the best Military Jacket around!

This one is from Bershka, it has embellishment and full of details.

Theres an "R" stitched on to it.. with my name being Roxanna - of course I thought it was fate and I was meant to have it - its has my initial after all!

I love the Khaki colour, the jacket looks slightly distressed and the embellishments and patches are varied - as pictured.

The jacket zips up, has poppers and also has a drawstring to pull in the wai…

Oversized Hoop earrings by Freedom at Topshop

At the weekend I was heading to a salsa class.

Yes I said salsa class..I am not the most confident of dancers but I like to try new things and get into the spirit.

Whilst out shopping I was trawling the Freedom Jewellry from Topshop - I love their range and I came across a large set of hooped earrings.

I seriously thought to myself - these would look fab for salsa!

So naturally I bought them and was super excited to get my salsa on.

I didn't have long to wait, only a day and I am soooooo glad I bought them!

They are silver. They are large. they are simple.

Sometimes less is more and I love the fact these are literally just oversized hoop earrings.

I really felt the part at Salsa and loved the different look they created for me.

I think it has been years since I have worn such large hooped earrings? I have recently worn large tasseled but I seriously think these are a game changer.

So much so on Monday I was off out with friends and I found myself reaching for the hoops again!!