Mom Life - The Style Bubble Handy Tips Handbook months 6 - 9

WOW - I know I say this every-time... but time is flying and Aria is now 9 months!
Its going so quickly I even told two people this week she's 10 months (baby brain)

If you are following me on Instagram/ Twitter you will see how much Aria is growing and I love to do a round up and pass on some tips for all the new mums out there!

So here we go.. hold on tight... heres months 6 - 9:

Its all go go go.....

Just when it all became easier... things start to change again.. now you are more familiar with your baby its starting to get a lot more interesting.. AND fun!

Weaning time:

From 6 months you can start weaning your baby - well you can actually start at 4 months.. but my husband and I waited until 6 months. Its entirely up to you!

For me this process is probably my hardest experience so far. Im not going to lie I have found it scary as your baby is used to milk, its an entirely different ball game.

Introducing different textures/ tastes and water has been a slow process but now we can see Aria enjoying it more and more.

My advice:

Take it slowly - there is no rush.
Your baby is exploring and learning.
We started with baby porridge and moved onto the pouches with just tasters and a couple of spoons and then upped it as we went along.
Aria then stopped liking the texture food so we returned to more flavours of the puree and tried tried and tried again.
Now she is 9 months she is loving the textures and likes her dinners warm (we did try not to warm them but she finds it more tasty!)

Teething Time:

We all do it - you know ..keep checking in their mouth to see any toothy pegs.
Then BANG there it is a little toothy peg cut! Wow it literally is amazing.
Every baby is different and I've heard babies still being one and their teeth hadn't come through yet.. with Aria she is now 9 months and we have 6.
First came the bottom two, then the top two and now one either side of the top.
AND she wants everything in her mouth!!


My advice:

Have a good teething toy.
Have calpol at the ready.
Have baby bonjela.
Its better to be ready rather than having a horrendous night due to teething and wishing you had something to ease your babies pain.
Luckily Aria isn't too bad but when every now and then she has a moment and we are ready.
Stay strong - its a tough time for your baby and you go through it with them.. stay positive mama and take each step with a stride.

They are on the move!

As time fly's.. so does your baby development, gone are the days where they are laying down..

Aria from months 7 - 8 she starting showing signs of crawling..which was very exciting.
She starting sliding herself along the floor (backwards) which was entertaining.
She then started to push herself forward.
By putting their favourite toy infront of her really helped her and encouraged her.
Now she has the hang of crawling she's non stop and is also starting to stand.
She has used her cot/ the sofa and coffee tables to pull herself up.


My advice:

Be encouraging but not forceful.. when they are ready they will crawl and stand up.
Capture their progress! It is so lovely to have photos but be careful especially with when they stand that they are well supported.
Enjoy the moments as these milestones will soon be a thing of the past, once they are on the move there is no stopping them!
Do not leave them unattended - they are quicker and more inquisitive then you think!

Get Active!

If you haven't been to a baby class or soft play..the time is now.
Aria just loves exploring and she loves music.
Recently I have been taking her to the swings/ singing and dancing class and soft play.
I hadn't been to any baby groups prior to this but now I am a pro at her routine (ha ha I kid) but I do know her better so its easier to commit to times.
I am extremely lucky to have a group of friends that have found these great places and invite us along - Aria is loving all the experiences.


My advice:

The park is free.. get them to love the outdoors and visit when you can.
I was surprised how much Aria loved the swings the first time I put her on.
Make it to a baby class.. if you don't have friends in the same position as you, you can meet new mums and let your babies have 45 minutes of being entertained by someone else.
Once they are crawling baby soft play is ideal to help them moving around in a safe place.

I hope this has helped and see there is soooo much fun to be had!

Thanks for reading.
Love Always


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