Mom Life - The Style Bubble baby products I am Loving - 6 months plus

Every so often I love to share what I have found useful.

Because being a mum its hard to know what you need, what you don't need and how much money it all is!

So heres a little insight to what I am loving and I feel has been money well spent:

Matchstick Monkey:

Have you heard of Matchstick monkey?
All I can say is move over Sophie the giraffe there is a new animal in town and I love it.. and as you can see so does Aria!
I purchased this when Aria was 4 months old and I haven't looked back.
It comes in all kinds of colours, its easy for baby to hold and chew/ suck on AND has a bumpy texture behind the monkeys head to help babies with the texture of brushing their teeth.
She takes it most places and its easier to sterilise.
For me this teething toy is a game changer and I recommend it to everyone with babies!


The IKEA highchair:

Highchairs can be bulky/ expensive and hard to choose.
I was so put off by the whole process until my husband and I agreed to get the IKEA one until we had decided which one to get. (its worse than buying a car!)
Well.. we bought the IKEA highchair and well we aren't going to waste any money on buying another.
We don't need to - it does everything you need it to do - which is sit your baby in it and feed them.
SO why spend more money if all boxes are ticked?
Its not too bulky, you can purchase a cushion that is inflated by air that can be removed when your baby is bigger and it has a safety strap.
Not to mention it it easy to assemble and reassemble incase you need to take it anywhere with you.
so look no further, keep it simple and keep it low cost.

Also whilst in IKEA I purchased the bib they can wear.

I found the regular bibs wouldn't cover her clothes much and half way through she would rip it off.

If you buy one they can wear you can maximise coverage and not get so messy and they can't take it off.

I like the IKEA one as its playful and fun for food time.
It wipes clean and it washed well at 30 degrees.


My first Gadget set: 
Phone/ keys/ remote

Now your little one is getting their teeth into everything (literally) it can become a game of keep saying NO and taking things away from them.
They LOVE your keys/ phone and any remote.. so we thought why don't we get Aria her own set??
I love the set comes in three and its a baby thing.. all babies love these items.
its great they can have their own.
With the remote I leave it at home and treat it like a real one. ( I wouldn't take my actual remote out so I wouldn't take Arias)
The keys and phone always come with us.
They all make sounds and keeps her entertained and gives her something extra she can put in her mouth that isn't as dirty as your keys and phone!


Mamas and Papas - Baby Snug and Activity Tray:

When your baby is sitting up, its great to encourage them with a seat.
I didn't look far for mine as I had spotted one I loved when I was buying some bits for Aria when she was born.
I purchased this seat and have really loved it.
When they are sitting up and before they are crawling its a great safe way to have them.
Now I use it but I make sure it is on the floor.
It acts as a chair and a place to play whilst sitting and can be cleaned easily.
It has provided a lot of fun!
Mamas and Papas have events keep an eye out for an extra 20% off.


I really hope this has helped!

Thank you for reading!
Love always


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