Are you a Mamia Mum?

Have you tried the Mamia range from Aldi?

I have to admit I love an Aldi shop and have previously bought quite a few items from their Special Buys... who doesn't love the middle aisles of magical items?!

Once Aria arrived they were my first choice for nappies for her as they are voted one of the best brands for newborns and not to mention great value!

So when they got in touch and asked me to review their Mamia range I was more than excited! Yes a trip to Aldi without making excuses to my husband.

I was given £30 and I was shocked with how much I could buy! (pictured above was just half of it)
Being a new mum brings all kinds of stresses and you start realising quite quickly that you want the best for your baby but you also need to shop a lot smarter.

The Mamia range offers the core essentials you need for your baby, so I was keen to put it to the test.

Nappies and Nappy sacks

Whilst I had previously used these, I had recently swapped to another supermarket brand due to accessibility and I was surprised how the quality differs.

With the other supermarket the nappies didn't seem to do up as well and when they were wet, you really knew it!

With Aldi nappies I find them secure, kind on Arias skin and definitely
keeps the moisture in!

Just when you think a nappy is a nappy - well its not and Aldi nappies are the way forward in my eyes!
Plus by purchasing the jumbo pack it means less trips to the supermarket!

Another essential I picked up are the nappy bags.. again the price is unbeatable and they mask the smell of nappies instantly.
I carry these with me, I have them in Arias nappy box upstairs and downstairs and they are lasting us for a while now.

Mamia Food 


Pictured above are some of my choices of their food including breakfast/ lunch/ dinner and snacks.
Im not going to lie I had previously been feeding Aria another leading brand and she seemed content with her food.

We had a rough start to her weening journey and I was quite dubious in changing her food but I was curious to see whether she would like it or not.

I am so pleased to say.. she LOVES it! Yes she really does.
And although that is amazing in itself, what is even better is the fact it is half the price of the brand we had been feeding her previously.

The breakfast seems a lot nicer, the texture seems a little thicker and I love that it is combined with rice.
I have found some of the other breakfasts I have fed Aria are more puree and less substantial.

With the meals her current favourite is Pasta Bolognese and it is literally the same as the other leading brand we used to feed her.. so she still gets to enjoy her favourite meal and I can buy two pouches for the price of one!

We have tried the casseroles which are a little more watery but Aria makes all the noises that she is loving the flavours within them and laps it up. I though she would be the opposite but she really seems to enjoy her food from the Mamia range.


The food is organic which is great as your little ones health is not being compromised by making a saving.

Its a win win situation all round.

Majority of this shop lasted up to a week and a half and then we went back for a second round.
I was so pleased with Arias eating habits that I really wanted to try her on
more of the food and to see if she really did enjoy the food or whether it was a phase.

It wasn't a phase. she really does love the food.

This is Great news for me!

My Vedict:

Ive converted.
Seriously this experience has taught me to be more adventurous and not to be worried about changing what Aria is eating.

Aldi offers a simple easy range for mums to depend on and can take comfort in knowing the food is organic and the nappies are "dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic and made with fibres from a sustainable forestry initiative".

I will continue to use the Mamia range because I now consider myself a Mamia Mum!



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