My guide to a Mamas wardrobe must have

Time is flying and I am no longer a mum to a newborn, no my baby is nearly 16 weeks old!!
Where did that time go? I honestly have no idea but I do know that along my journey I am learning so much. 
I hope to share as much as I learn with you and on this occasion I'm talking fashion!

You might be thinking - fashion? seriously? and yes I'm dead serious. Over the weeks I've learnt how to adapt my wardrobe because believe it or not things do have to change.

Here is my guide to a Mamas wardrobe must haves:

SO after birth and the weeks after all you want to be is comfortable. Jeans are no longer your go to choice of casual wear. 
If you are like me, you will find you can't quite fit back in them just yet and they aren't comfortable.
If you purchased maternity jeans then great you will most likely live in them and if not buy some leggings.
Leggings are my best friend! Just grab some from Primark/ Boohoo or  Next - I found the ones from Sainsbury and H&M were not very good.


Once your feeling more confident (took me around 8 weeks) I then missed jeans so I turned to jeggings - My favourite pair are from Asda and such a great price! Total game changer as I felt like I was wearing jeans again (only comfier)


Crossbody Bags:

If you use handbags or tote bags - Ditch them. (for now anyway)
They are impossible with a baby/ pram/ changing bag and whatever else you have to take with you when out!
My suggestion - BUY A CROSSBODY BAG!
This has been my saviour! All I carry are my keys/ diary/ phone/ a few cards/ cash and a compact mirror.
Seriously I used to be one of those women with a shopper and everything I owned would be in it! Now I just want to know where my most important items are and a crossbow is so easy to wear and your valuable items are always nearby! Plus you can hang to easily on the back of your pram!!


I have a gorgeous Gucci one and a more summery floral print o ne from Krisp but I have spotted some stunning Gucci dupes from accessorise and some great cross body bags from Top Shop.


Pre baby I wasn't really a trainers fan, iw ore them in my youth and then as I got older I preferred converse instead.
Now I've done 360 and I am LOVING trainers! Every mum needs a pair!
I bought a pair that have recently come back in fashion ( I bought them the first time round) and they were my favourite.
They are super comfy/ stylish and great for long walks.
Its great to get out and about so comfy trainers are key!


Rain Mac:

One morning I set out and it was pouring with rain, I was loading my car up doing 3 trips back and forth getting completely wet. Then on the other side of our destination I had to use the pram and I couldn't dream of holding an umbrella. It dawned on me mums need rain Macs.

I invested in one from Zara - I went for a see-through one as I like the idea of staying dry AND my outfit being visible!
Key words that screamed purchase was WATER RESISTANT.
Since then I've never looked back.


You can purchase some other styles from Zara like this one and if these rent quite your thing Topshop / New Look and Sainsbury's do wonderful coloured Macs that are your mamma wardrobe must have!!

Baggy T shirts:

You need T shirts, oversized/ slogan/ you name it you will love it. I certainly do! And the best place to get your fix is Primark.
I have found some really great T-shirts - admittedly they are not actually oversized but I just buy a few sizes up and for £4 you can't go wrong - especially post pregnancy you want to keep your spends low.

Another great place for just plain T shirts at great prices is Zara in their "Special Prices" section.

Lounge Wear:

One of my ultimate favourite things these days is lounge wear. there I said it!!
Why? well its COMFY (see running theme throughout this post and being mum!) and its basically stylish bed clothes that I wear out. Yep there I said it. I wear it out.
I bought a stash whilst pregnant and saved it until I had my baby. Its make you feel better to have new clothes to wear- I seriously suggest you try this trick.

The best place is Primark or Sainsbury's.

I hope you have found this useful!

Thank you for reading!



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